Climate Action ChatBot

Increase Directo to Customer (D2C) Engagement and Feedback

Grow your customer database and increase sales

Add Climate Action Incentives to your products or packaging

1. Start direct to customer access and collect feedback on your products

Create QR codes and display on your products, packaging or premises.  Make feedback more rewarding with climate action incentives.

2. Let the ChatBots talk to your customers and collect feedback.

Every time a customer scans they get your Chatbot on their device to engage them a fun conversation. They get climate action rewards in exchange for their feedback and insights.

3. Send customer data directly into your CRM

Integrate your chatbot with your CRM  in a couple of clicks to save time.  Grow your database and increase direct to consumer sales using real-time data.

Conversion dashboard and Toolkit

Every conversion or product sold on your website saves Trees in the rainforest. 

Live-track campaign conversions to measure ROI.  Test customer incentive tools to optimise your climate action campaigns.


“We quickly made QR Codes and launched fun Chatbots that engaged customers and collected data”


Go live on your website in 5 minutes


Most frequent questions and answers

Placing the One Tribe tracking pixel on your sale and lead confirmation pages enables One Tribe to track how much rainforest has been protected by customers on your site. Integrating the Climate Action widget on your site enables live tracking of the collective impact of your customers and calculates the total trees protected. Its updated every hour to ensure near-live impact tracking.

Every sale and lead tracked through the One Tribe pixel protects 100 square metres of rainforest. For each sale or lead, the brand pays £0.17, of which £0.12 goes directly to the Rainforest Trust to fund rainforest protection, and £0.05 goes to One Tribe.

If you work with one of our partners, they can handle all of the integration for you. If not, the customer success team will guide you through the process. There are two parts to the integration – dropping the tracking pixel on your confirmation pages, and adding the climate action pixel to your site using your widget code. Both are asynchronous and will not impact load times on your website

Forests are the lungs of our planet, storing and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. They also release Oxygen into the atmosphere which animals and humans depend on for our survival. They are the natural solution to climate change but are being cut down at an alarming rate for logging, mining, oil and gas extraction, and colonisation for agriculture. It is our job to protect them.

Each month, One Tribe pays the Rainforest Trust for the rainforest protected by One Tribe brands that month. The Rainforest Trust can then fund the rainforest protection project they are collaborating on.

Rainforest Trust are a charity who are the global leader in rainforest protection. They have protected more than 23 million acres of rainforest since 1988. They are funded in a way that ensures 100% of the money paid to them goes directly to on-the-ground projects rather than covering costs for the charity. Working with the Rainforest Trust ensures maximum impact for the donations made by One Tribe and their partners to protect indigenous tribes, safeguard endangered species and fight the climate crisis.

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