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Cassie Amber

Health and fitness wellness influencer, Cassie Amber, has taken the ground running after discovering the changes a nutritious diet and weightlifting can do for your mind and your body. 

She is a plant-based holistic nutritionist who encourages her followers to build muscle and lose fat intuitively. Our exclusive interview with her covers her journey battling the side effects of the pandemic, her mouth watering yet healthy meal guides and her experience competing as a female bodybuilder at WBFF.

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Health and Fitness: In the Beginning

She started off by being curious about plant-based eating and lifting weights though she was scared to look like a man if she put on muscle.

Now nutrition is her full time gig as she is a holistic wellness coach, a brand ambassador for amazing brands like Nuzest, and the creator of several plant-focused e-books.  One Tribe had a chat with her about how the pandemic affected her health and fitness journey, the success stories that she’s helped inspire, and her latest women’s bodybuilding competition, WBFF (World Beauty Fitness Fashion Show).

WBFF Vlog health and fitness

The Pandemic Vs. Health and Fitness

It’s no secret that the pandemic turned the world on its heads, and had a massive effect on people’s mental health.  Covid-19 was no different for Cassie. 

Without the gym she had zero motivation to workout at home. She hates cardio and didn’t find enjoyment out of body weight exercises.

2020 forced the world to stop and rest, which for Cassie was probably essential as she had just arrived in Australia and was burnt out to say the least.

“So much happened in my personal life that I became very dull, tired and depressed. I didn’t have the same full and muscular look, but I still complimented my ‘softer’ physique in the mirror and called it cute, because it’s important to remember we go through stages in life.”

A leap forward

Finally taking the leap to sign up for her first bodybuilding show is what got her back into strength training and really staying on top of her nutrition game. After seeing changes in how she looked and building muscle, the motivation she had lost came back with full force. 

She’s feeling a lot more positive than she did during the lockdowns the pandemic brought, is feeling consistent and is aiming for another show.


WBFF win

How Bodybuilding Pulled Cassie Out of a Rut

Cassie is no stranger to pageants and modelling competitions – she has been participating in them for years but has never gotten the placing she’s strived for.

She’s also wanted to be a lingerie model since she was a teenager, but never fit the measurement or height requirements.

She showed incredible tenacity by overcoming her fear and signing up for WBFF Australia in order to pull herself out of a mental rut. She was inspired to participate in this competition after spending years looking at women who competed in WBFF, and loving the fuller look they had.

Some of the physiques in the show are quite muscular, and so with a good training regime she knew she would fit in quite nicely.

A Winner

When they called out her name as one of the winners, she burst out into tears on stage because she didn’t expect to place with only a 6 week prep and no previous experience. 

Cassie said, “My biggest lesson was just realising my worth again and doing something for myself. I was getting nervous looking at the other girls I was competing against on Instagram. Despite their beauty, we are all stunning in our own way, all have unique features and different personalities. 

Use other women as inspiration, but strive to look like the best version of yourself.”

Cassie and Arlen 21

Inspiring her Clients and her Network

Instagram is overflowing with fitness accounts that eat heaps of meat and animal products. Cassie is a completely plant-based alternative to those accounts, and shares weekly health and nutrition tips and wellness content.

Over the years, Cassie has changed her approach to nutrition and understands that it is all about balance, while using food as fuel. 

When asked about her favourite client holistic wellness coach success story, the first person she thought of was her best friend, Arlen.

She spent some time eating 1 McDonalds burger a day which is not enough fuel for a growing body, drank V energy drinks that ripped up her stomach lining and gave her long-lasting side effects. Fast forward to now, and Arlen spent 5 years being a professional model, doesn’t binge drink and nourishes her body with lots of healthy veggie packed recipes like the ones in Cassie’s meal guides.

It nicely illustrates that the people who are in your close circle of friends really can influence your decisions.

health and fitness cookie dough

Meal Guides that Won’t Put you to Sleep

The 25-year-old says there are so many misconceptions around what’s actually healthy to eat.  As a holistic wellness coach, she had a few nutrition clients with needs so complex that it was taking up the whole day to make their meal plan.

Instead of crafting each one individually, she thought, why not make a meal plan that can benefit a larger number of diets as well as people who aren’t necessarily her clients? Cassie’s Eat from the Earth Meal Guide has something for everyone with customisable recipes to suit different needs, allergies, and preferences.

Healthy food has a bad rep for being boring. But it really doesn’t have to be! Especially if it’s coming from one of Cassie’s meal plans.  Eat from the Earth Meal Guide contains loads of unique dishes.  A prime example is the peanut butter breakfast quinoa.  This bad boy tastes like a dessert but is actually very high in protein and nutrients.

Cassie’s Kitchen Combos is another one of her revolutionary ways to incorporate new, easy and healthy meals.  Cassie gets motivation to cook because she knows how good she feels when she’s prepared with healthy meals and snacks.  A sweet treat she recommends from the e-book is cookie dough made from chickpeas – cookie dough you can actually not feel guilty about!


Natural Protein Fuel for your Body

Cassie is all about thinking in abundance rather than restriction and knows the importance of enjoying your meals if you want to stay on track with your health routine.

Otherwise, if you’re suffering from a salad you hate for dinner every night, it will be pretty easy to convince your brain to reach for a hamburger instead of something that will nourish your body and bring you closer to your goals. 

Protein powder gives people a chance to boost up their protein intake with an extra dose of flavour to satisfy their sweet tooth. Cassie proudly supports Nuzest because it’s got absolutely minimal ingredients and tastes great.  She has loads of protein powder recipes on her website, www.cassieamber.com.  

cassie amber

All-time Favourite Flavour

Her all-time favourite flavour has got to be vanilla because of its versatility–it goes with literally anything! 

Cassie has had a long journey with the health and fitness world, but there is no looking back now.  She is fully committed to this lifestyle and has made it her job, her daily routine, and her absolute passion. 

Cassie is not done with the World Beauty Fitness Fashion Show, so keep your eye out for the next time she ventures onto the stage prepared with strong muscles and a killer bikini.

Cassie is showing the way, if you want to learn more about healthy vegan protein alternatives, click here. 


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