Freedom! Top 10 Tips for Sustainable Partying

Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

the sustainable summer fest is home of sustainable partying

Sustainable partying is upon us. The time has come! What better way to end a crisis we want to forget than planning a night we want to remember?

As the lockdown restrictions finally lift, we hope everyone is partying their way into freedom. But what partying habits can we adopt to improve our environmental impact as well as our dance moves? Below are 10 tips for sustainable partying!

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1) Partying and preserving trees?! That’s the ticket!

Imagine a world where going to your favourite festival would save the trees in Amazon?

What we want at One Tribe is a sustainable business world, where each consumer can click to buy products knowing that they will be helping to arrest the climate crisis by doing so. 

And we want businesses to be sustainable! 

Protecting our planet whilst partying is not too much to ask for.


2) All aboard the partying bus

Let’s talk before and after, and I don’t mean weight loss photos. I mean preparation.

Organizing a coach, an Uber or even the underground route doesn’t only show you off as a partying mastermind, but reduces your carbon footprint (and the need for designated drivers). For an optimal partying time, no sudden ‘how do we get there’ panics, and to truly paint the town green, travel in groups!

3) Get with the trend – sustainable partying outfits

There are several ways you can make your partying get up environmental. The best way is to avoid the fast-fashion traps altogether – either by upcycling clothes you already have (for more tips check my article on sustainable fashion and second-hand outfits here!) or doing clothes swap with your partying pals.

But if your partying outfit simply cannot be sourced internally, look for a brand that is environmentally aware, as our partners at One Tribe are protecting the rainforest with every purchase you make with them. You can pick up some new vegan heels from Koi or a floral festival dress from Traffic People.

Even better, reject throwaway fashion and try the guys at LOANHOOD who have revolutionized sustainable partying with their cool new partying-outfit rental platform.

build it green with a reclaimed wood DJ booth

4) Goodbye glitter  

If you’re new to sustainable partying, a very easy first step is saying goodbye to the cheapy glitz that we were all guilty of connoting with the festival scene. It may seem like sparkly fun, but seriously, glitter is an abomination for the environment. 

It buy-passes water filters and ends up as microplastic in the ocean. We want our post-partying tap water to be plastic-free, thank you very much!

5) Drink responsibly 

Cheap drinks mean that someone, somewhere, is paying the price. Keep your eyes peeled for Karma Cola instead of Coke, for your night’s mixer, and look for locally sourced beer that hasn’t clocked a load of air miles and a giant carbon footprint.

6) Go strawless  

Say no to straws. We all know the horror stories of turtles and plastic straws, but even paper straws are using unnecessary natural resources (we are all about protecting the rainforest, remember!)

karma cola are a good way to keep hydrated partying sustainably

7) Don’t be a burger king 

We all know that when the alcohol kicks in, so does the craving for a Maccies. But if a great way of protecting the rainforest is eating less red meat, it’s time we resisted that cheeky 3am double cheeseburger. 

8) Recycle 

Everyone knows that drinks taste better from a glass bottle – plus they are much easier to recycle! It’s the same with cans. Make sure you give them a quick rinse first, pop them in the recycling bin, and we can go on partying without requiring additional raw materials or adding to landfill!

9) Post-party wellbeing 

Sustainable partying includes being kind to yourself. When you’re recovering from that inevitable hangover, make sure you give your body what it needs to come bouncing back. The way of doing this in an environmentally friendly way?

Swisse and Nuzest are both One Tribe partners who offer supplements for mental clarity and optimal health in an eco-conscious and sustainable way. Plus every purchase protects the rainforest!

Nuzest is the key to post-party recovery

10) Partying aftermath – a sustainability crime scene

If you’ve ever seen a field post-festival, you’ll know it’s an environmental horror show. 

Although some festivals have implemented litter-picking incentives like free booze for a bin bag of rubbish, it’s the responsibility of the events to reduce the packaging and plastics and offer recyclable drinks products. So what can we do? Well, partying people, we can ask them to sort it out!

Pap pictures of the partying purge and tag the promoters and artists. Publicly naming and shaming irresponsible events may make them realize how important sustainable partying is, after all…

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