5 Heroic Celebrities Making or Supporting Sustainable Investments

Dan Wood

Dan Wood

Jason Mamoa who played Aquaman with a backdrop of ice and mountain behind him
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You don’t have to be a celebrity to avenge years of carbon-negative industry, but it is inspiring to watch many heroic celebrities from the big screen making a stand. We’ll tell you how 5 of the biggest heroes use their abilities to combat climate change, from sustainable investments to their own ethical brands, activism and ambassadorial duties. 

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It’s time for some heroic sustainable investments to take off 

In recent times there has been an amazing shift as businesses make sustainable investments in their future, with the public demanding that they do more than ever before. Even Hollywood is listening, with many of the heroes we know and love on the big screen, getting involved in the movement to reverse climate change. Many are either making those sustainable investments directly into companies, or their own brands or showing support to those leading the way. Here are 5 of the biggest heroes and what they have been getting up to:

Robert Downey Junior is Iron man, and making sustainable investments

1) Robert Downey Jnr  – An iron-tight commitment to a sustainable investment platform 

Soon after President Biden was sworn in, announcing the U.S’s commitment to rejoin the Paris agreement and roll back the Keystone XL Pipeline, Robert announced his commitment to a new ESG Investment Platform, FootPrint Coalition Ventures. It means he and those that are part of the fund will invest many millions of dollars into companies that can prove they are environmentally and socially focused, which keeping in character with his on-screen presence, will invest in technology-focused companies. 

“I am blessed with an enormous audience for my work as an actor, notably getting people to imagine the future in science fiction,” Downey Jr. said in a statement. “As can happen, life imitates art, and I am invited to meet with luminaries across technology, business, government, media, and science communities. I am also fortunate to have access to top advisors in the area of venture investment.”

FootPrint will invest in what Downey Jr. calls a “critical pathway toward the discovery and scaling of better solutions for our planet.” And with ESG investments having now tripled in eight years, totalling $40.5 trillion, he’ll be in good company. “We believe that we can do well while doing good,” Downey Jr. said. “We believe that the companies we invest in will become great successes, delivering outsized returns to our investors, and helping to repair our planet.”

photo credit: jason momoa instagram

2) Jason Momoa – Ocean master kicks off a new range of planet-friendly sneakers

We love seeing support go towards the ethical fashion space, and Jason has delivered his own limited edition roamers, super-enabled by Bloom Foam. They are a part of the ‘So iLL x On the Roam’ Collection, offered in 2 colours, Unity Purple or Yaya Lavender. The ocean master knows a thing or two about the state of the planet, picking his partner well. Before becoming an actor he had studied marine and wildlife biology and when developing the roamers he deliberately incorporated organic cotton, algae-based foam, cork and biodegradable outsoles. And the rest of the Eco Camo Collection follows suit, with recycled plastic water bottles used to complete the collection. 

The superhero has become a vocal advocate for sustainability. “We are a disease infecting our planet,” he told world leaders at the U.N. in 2019. “From the atmosphere to the Abyssal Zone, we are polluted.” “We are the living consequence of forgotten traditions. We suffer the collective amnesia of a truth that was once understood. The truth that to cause irreversible damage to the earth, is to bring the same onto ourselves. We the island nations and all coastal communities are the front lines of this climate crisis.”

3) Chris Hemsworth – Serving giants in the conservation, drinks and fashion space

Chris became a legend in our eyes when he chose to be an ambassador for the ‘100 Islands Protected’ project,  Corona linking up with Parley to ‘Protect paradise’. For years he has been environmentally minded, reducing his meat intake and speaking out about planet health. “I want to inspire people to find a solution and protect the world’s oceans,” Hemsworth said, “so future generations can enjoy them as I do.” 

In recent years, Hugo Boss has invested heavily in sustainability, as part of the brand’s 6-part program on the matter. In 2019, it became the first major fashion house to make plant leather-based shoes, working with a brand called Pinatex to make the leather out of pineapple leaves, launching the vegan shoes soon after. And Hemsworth has been serving the team as an ambassador since 2017, the brand now aiming to reduce energy consumption by 30%, CO2 emissions and water consumption by 40%. 

“I’ve been a huge BOSS fan for a long time, so I’m really happy to now represent the brand’s collections as a global ambassador,” Hemsworth said in a statement. “Our partnership over the past few years has been absolutely brilliant. I’m very excited to be working more closely with the BOSS team.”

Mark Ruffalo - Thanks for thinking green - He cares alot about our environment
photo credit: mark ruffalo instagram

4) Mark Ruffalo – Eco-Hulk is leading and making sustainable investments

Mark has been an eco-hulk for years, stepping up to be an activist when energy companies sent him into an insatiable green rage, fracking for natural gas near his farm in New York state. Since then Ruffalo has spoken at anti-fracking events, protested pipelines and campaigned for the Green New deal. He also co-founded an environmental activism organisation called ‘The Solutions Project’  which funds community projects across the U.S which are combating the effects of climate change or developing clean local energy. Over $5M has been given in grants to over 100 projects. 

And with the rest of his cash, Mark is super careful about how and what he invests in. He is a part of an investment group called the ‘Divest-Invest Individual’. 650 individuals with investments worth $2.6 Bn, who will not invest in fossil fuels. The fund is a part of a coalition worth over $50 bn, which are committing to divestment in oil and carbon causing industries, which means they are selling off all investments they have in such businesses,  encouraging others to also withdraw their cash investments from them. “As an investor, it is important to understand the significant risks of holding carbon assets in their portfolios. A thoughtful way to mitigate that risk is divestment—but also seek opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Move your money out of the problem and into solutions.” 

Goop in health - With Gwyneth Paltrow
photo credit: GETTY

5) Gwyneth Paltrow – Gooping around to change the beauty industry

Gwyneth has been celebrated by the Environmental Media Association and the Environmental Working Group for living and promoting carbon-neutral living for many years. Through her company Goop Gwyneth has been on a mission to go green, eradicating toxins and pollution in the beauty and home goods industries. “We use Goop to connect the dots for readers between environmental health and what is happening in our households and bodies, and to bring a heightened consciousness to all of our consumption patterns,” Paltrow says.

Avenge years of carbon-negative industry – Get involved in rainforest conservation 

You don’t have to be a celebrity, business owner or a wealthy investor to be a hero for climate change (though it is quite useful). Check out how you can protect rainforests across the world, buy ethically and join them in avenging decades of carbon-negative industry!

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