3 Inspiring B Corp Fashion Brands that are Honouring Sustainability

Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

Jo Jo is now a certified B Corp - People & the planet above profit

Recently, the One Tribe team achieved our goal to grasp certified B Corp status. A status that shows we integrate the key principles of transparency, environmental performance, and accountability as a business that works towards a mission beyond profit.

We are so proud to be working alongside similar brands who bring purpose and meaning to a world beyond business. Today we wanted to focus on 3 inspiring fashion B Corps  – Vivo Barefoot, Finisterre, and JoJo Maman, that have each helped change the future of sustainable fashion. Their accomplishments in the world of sustainability bring meaning to why sustainable fashion is becoming so important.

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Founded by a sixth-generation descendant of the Clarks footwear dynasty Galahad Clark in 2012. The Vivobarefoot team gained their B-Corp status in 2020 and has become industry leaders in sustainable footwear using their technology to allow the nerves in our feet to do their natural thing.

They released their strategy to highlight how our sedentary, cushioned lifestyles are making us and our planet sick,” and have big plans to help reconnect people with nature.

Vivobarefoot uses as many recycled materials they can get their hands on ranging from plastic bottles, foam footbeds, and even quilts. Focused on eliminating waste from landfills and chemicals in their factories they use water-based adhesives, vegetable-tanned leather, and vegetable extracts to make their shoes.

The team has set the goal of making their sustainability team redundant in the future. Which is a declaration of long-term intent on their sustainable ethos. 

World’s first re-commerce site Revivo 

The team has gone even further, launching the world’s first footwear re-commerce site Revivo. With over 90% of shoes ending up on a landfill within 12 months of purchase they aim to keep as many products out of the landfill as possible.

Working with the UK Boot Repair Company’ they plan to turn all used footwear back into a revived product.

They’ve even partnered with other B corps such as Finisterre to launch the Vivobarefoot X Woolmark no sock merino wool shoe built only from natural recycled biomaterials.

Vivobarefoot was given a 98.8 score by the B Lab. With even bigger plans this year to launch their new 3D shoe printing service, they are at the forefront of trying to destroy greenwashing particularly within corporations.

Young woman modelling Finisterre outdoor clothing fashion brand collection

UK based clothing brand Finisterre is becoming the leader in functionality and sustainability. Started in 2003, by avid sea lover and surfer Tom Kay, the brand welcomes fellow outdoor adventurers, providing them with sustainable goods which don’t harm our oceans.

Their ethos is enhanced by their innovative use of renewable and recyclable textiles and biodegradable natural fibers in all of their products ranging from swimsuits to fleeces.

Finisterre has acquired quite the list of accomplishments. In 2008, the team won the Observer Ethical Awards.  In 2018, Finisterre eradicated the use of non-degradable plastic.

They also partnered with the brand Aquapak to give us water-soluble, recyclable, and biodegradable no trace bags. These no trace bags break down into non-toxic biomass in soil and sea to protect the environment. 

Their efforts continue, winning the Gold ISPO Outstanding award in 2021 for their biodegradable garment which is sourced by regenerative farmers and certified climate change positive.

Now, the team has managed to secure £4m of crowdfunding to continue their efforts of trying to help build products that help connect people with the sea. In their B corp Impact report they scored highly on resource conservation, toxic reduction, and remediation which shows in the delivery of their amazing brand and products.

Jojo Maman Bebe founder Laura Tenison smiling for her fashion brand

Jojo Maman Bebe 

Since its founding in 1993, Jojo Maman Bebe has been devoted to providing multi-channel maternity wear and baby clothing. Starting on just a kitchen counter, they have now grown to have over 100 stores around the world, pulling in £67.6 million a year and growing every day.

The french inspired children’s clothing has a core mission of being the “leading global mother and baby brand, offering high-quality products at reasonable prices and putting the planet above profit”.

Even with their high revenues, founder MBE Laura Tenison has made a commitment to her community and the planet after a near-fatal car crash which changed her outlook on the world we live in.

Their projects heavily involved creating placements for individuals with down syndrome and embracing diversity through their models and workforce.

As well as being loyal to the suppliers they’ve dealt with since their inception ensuring they maintain the highest ethical manners. They have recently come to a member of the Better Cotton Initiative, which provides training to farmers to use more sustainable practices. 

Good cotton sourcing is everything

Jojo Maman Bebe’s ethics are weaved into the heart of their products have committed to sourcing 100% of their cotton as Better Cotton by 2025 and 100% of their packaging is made from recyclable materials to reduce their carbon footprint.

Jojo Maman has done such amazing work since its founding and we’re privileged to be in the company of such an amazing brand. They released their Polar Fleece collection back in the year 2000 which was completely made from recycled bottles and have never looked back since.

They attained their B corp status in 2016 and rank highly on inclusion, job creation, suppliers.

B-Corp certified

Sustainability is ever-growing

At One Tribe we are proud to say that we share the spotlight with companies who demonstrate not just to us, but to other businesses the importance of being B Corp certified.

 If we are more willing to demonstrate that businesses have a motive behind their mission, we demonstrate to our audiences that we are worth building a professional relationship with.

These relationships are becoming more and more important by the day. 73% of Millennials are now looking to spend their disposable income on sustainable products alone. 

This is a statistic that is ever-growing too, more than just a trend.

Millennials are proven to be the most sustainable generation yet, meaning this is a value that is no fad, it is one that people are beginning to factor into their everyday lives, and is a principle that will be passed on through generations to come.

Sustainability is more than just a mission – It’s a lifestyle

Thank you Vivo Barefoot, Finisterre, and JoJo Maman, for being some of the first to contribute to a purpose beyond profit and showing that honoring sustainability is more than just a mission- it’s a lifestyle.

Did you know that One Tribe is a certified B Corp? Why are Vivvo, Finisterre, Jo Jo, and One Tribe B-Corps? Find out more with the following stories . . .  

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