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Improve Your Carbon Footprint & Attract More Eco-conscious Customers

One Tribe plugs into your eCommerce store so that every sale or signup reduces and offsets carbon by protecting the rainforest.

The best part… You can grow your business more sustainably and share your climate impact!


Works with every major eCommerce platform.

Sell More Sustainably


Connect your eCommerce store or website to our API


Protect trees and reduce carbon with every order or sign-up


Attract eco-conscious customers and grow more sustainably

How can you reduce and offset your Carbon footprint in a way that REALLY benefits the planet, your business and customers?


Protecting Trees Is The Best Way To Remove And Store Carbon Quickly

According to the UN IPCC Report we have until 2030 to avoid a climate meltdown. 

Reduce Carbon save trees

Planting 1 tree costs £1 on average and will absorb 53.1 kilos of Carbon by 2030


Reduce Carbon save trees

Protecting 20 trees costs £1 on average and will absorb 3900 kilos of Carbon by 2030

73x more carbon is absorbed by protecting trees

Here’s How To Sell More Sustainably In 15 minutes

Every product on your site can protect rainforest, storing and removing carbon from the atmosphere. Don’t miss out on eco-conscious customers any more! Show them you care about the planet, and that they can have a positive impact when they shop with you.

Step 1.

Connect Your
eCommerce Store

  • Integrate in 15 minutes
  • Generate a micro-donation with every purchase
  • Now every sale protects  trees and reduces your carbon footprint

Co-Founder Goose Studios

In only took us 10 minutes to get live saving trees through our Shopify store!

Step 2.

Launch On Your Website
And Instantly Save Trees

  • Add images to your product pages
  • Copy and paste to add your tree counter
  • Increase sales and sign-ups from eco-conscious customers

Koifootwear.com customer

I love buying shoes from Koi, they save trees with my order

Step 3.

Engage And Excite Your
Customers On Social Media

  • Share your campaign on social media
  • Grow customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increase social media and customer engagement

Anna Panayi
Product Marketing Manager – Claro Money

The One Tribe campaign is our best performing campaign to date

Step 4.

Reduce Carbon, Share
Your Impact In Real-time

  • Watch your carbon reduction and tree counter grow in real time
  • 2.6 tonnes Co2 stored for every sale!
  • Align your business to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Ecommerce Manager – Traffic People

Working with One Tribe means our customers know we care about them, and the environment.

Climate action incentives are great for business

The Results

David Wiggins

Head of marketing for Walk London


Increase in customer conversion rate

“Our conversion rate increased RAPIDLY after adding One Tribe to the site – our customers love protecting rainforest when they shop with us.”

Businesses Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

Join Eco-concious Brands Like These


“We created our first climate action campaign with One Tribe in less than a week and our customers love it!”

Plyska Genova
PR & Marketing Manager, Koi Footwear

“My newsletter signups increased 30% using One Tribe. This reduced my cost of acquisition by more than 20%.”

Sam Taylor
Co-Founder Goose Studios

“The engagement was 5x higher and our cost per conversion was 30% lower on average across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!”

Anna Panayi
Marketing Manager, Claro Money App

Customers want to buy from more sustainable brands, it’s time to SHOW you are one!

92% of customers want to support brands taking positive climate action

Get started now, integrate in minutes

Start from £9 per month

No contract necessary

Protect 5 trees for just £0.17 per sale