How Can You Tell the World You’re an Ethical Business?

Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

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If you are a business that has started to make a positive environmental impact, it’s time to let your customers know. Through effective communication and marketing, you will be able to attract a higher number of consumers and cement your relationship with them.

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So you’ve already started to introduce internal sustainability practices within your workspace. Now it’s time to tell your consumers what you have been working on. 

Effective marketing techniques will help you to communicate with your audience effectively and promote your ethical business practices in a way that will engage more people over time. It’s about letting them know where you are in your sustainability journey and taking them along with you.

Communicating your values clearly and effectively is what will set your business apart from everyone else. Here’s how you can tell the world you are an ethical business: 

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1) Get Specific About Your Sustainability Efforts

To resonate with your customers, show them specifically what you are doing to contribute to sustainability. If you offer an eco-friendly eCommerce product, advertise it. If you work with a sustainability partner that helps you protect the environment, promote it. If you use only green resources, mark it.

Ethical businesses that have specific achievements take the time to focus on these areas no matter how small or large the achievement is. For example, at One Tribe we offer partner brands the ability to promote this partnership on their webpage.

We provide a subtle web icon that clearly displays the number of trees that the brand has protected. It shows the audience the specific efforts they are making towards sustainability.

Check out Tesla’s FAQ 

Tesla, the world’s most valuable carmaker, has just introduced their latest spec of renewable engineering – The Tesla Powerwall. A state-of-the-art battery that uses 100% renewable energy. How do they promote this? 

They have a whole FAQ page dedicated to explaining their renewable energy efforts. It brings awareness to the brand and demonstrates the method behind why and how they are producing these kinds of products. 

Your business can do the same by keeping your sustainability efforts in an accessible place for your current and potential consumer base. 

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2) Market Your Milestones

Communicate through your marketing channels when you have reached a milestone or made positive progress. In today’s market, your business won’t stand out by talking about sustainability commitments with buzzwords or vague terms. 

People need to know exactly what you are doing and how you are making a commitment to the environment. Consumer-focused campaigns that shed light on your efforts are crucial. They must provide a clear and educational message about your sustainability initiatives that will entice your consumer base to explore further.

“73% of Gen Z’s will pay more for sustainable items” 

By showing them you have achieved something that explains how your business benefits people and the planet, you can demonstrate your level of dedication to sustainable practices. Ultimately you will attract younger, more eco-minded customers in the process. 

Gen Z is the largest generation ever, comprising nearly 2 billion people globally. More than any other generation, they are the most willing to buy eco-friendly products, with up to 73% of them surveyed stating that they would pay more money for sustainable items produced by an ethical business. So it’s well worth marketing your milestones with this in mind.

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3) Go Green Online

You’re an ethical business, so market ethically. Advertise online and don’t use unnecessary resources that require printing, excessive energy, and waste materials.

Online marketing is much more environmentally friendly than offline marketing such as direct mail or printed advertising. Online adverts are a low-cost alternative to print adverts and produce no printed waste or negative impact on the environment. 

As mentioned in step 1 you can even dedicate a whole page of your website to your green efforts like this one here we have developed with Swisse. Social media is also a highly effective way to communicate to a wide audience and allows you to be routinely present within your consumer pool. 

Businesses should seek to invest in growing their email database as a solution to reducing the need to communicate offline. Practically all promotions can now be sent over email to consumers including newsletters, e-books, and coupons which only enhance your lifestyle marketing.

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4) Authenticity Drives Success

To become an ethical business you need to have the right motives. Companies today must ensure that their environmental initiatives are genuine in order to build strong relationships with consumers. 

Greenwashing is a term commonly thrown about by brands as a marketing tactic that portrays an image of sustainability that does not reflect the true nature of the brand. Many brands including the likes of H&M and Ford have come under criticism for using greenwashing in previous years which will only result in tarnishing a brand’s ethics. 

If sustainability is part of your business mission, you have to practice what you preach. To gain the attention and loyalty of authenticity-driven Gen Z and Millennials, make sure your organization effectively communicates its mission and actions. 

This really is a matter of consistency. Consistency throughout your brand and consistency throughout your marketing communications will ultimately help you to avoid ethical dilemmas in business.

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Something to remember

Unless things change drastically, demand for ethical business practices will continue to increase in popularity. This means that not only will more businesses strive to meet this demand, but also that your competitors marketing around sustainability will tenfold and become more streamlined in the process.

By sharpening your mission, avoiding vague terminology, and highlighting the specific benefits of your efforts, there’s a rare opportunity to use digital marketing to win over your audience. 

Through effective communications and keeping on-trend, you can position your business to stay ahead of future competition and retain loyal customers. 

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