Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project

Protecting the Cardamom Mountain Rainforest Ecoregion, maintaining biodiversity and creating alternative livelihoods


Preventing the deforestation and degradation of one of the 200 most important locations for biodiversity conservation on the planet

The Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project (SCRP) is an initiative designed to promote climate change mitigation and adaptation, maintain biodiversity and create alternative livelihoods under the United Nations scheme of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+). Encompassing parts of Southern Cardamom National Park and Tatai Wildlife Sanctuary, this project protects a critical part of the Cardamom Mountains Rainforest Ecoregion, one of the 200 most important locations for biodiversity conservation on the planet. 

The Project will directly support the livelihoods of 21 villages in nine communes around the perimeter of the project area. Eight additional villages in 4 communes are eligible to receive educational scholarships. These communities represent approximately 3,957 families and 16,495 individuals.


Climate Benefits and Community Impact

The Project  will generate substantial community and biodiversity co-benefits that not only protect this delicate ecosystem and endangered species but also support community livelihoods. 

VCS Project Status:





465,839 Hectares

Project Type:

REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) + CCB (Climate Community Biodiversity)

Estimated Annual Emissions Reductions

3,867,568 tonnes CO2

Crediting Period Term

1st, 01/01/2015 – 31/12/2044

Indigenous & Community Impact

Supporting livelihoods of over 21 villages and communities

Climate benefits include:

  •  The avoided emission of approximately 12 million t CO2e during this first monitoring period and over 115,000 million t CO2e over the lifetime of the Project. 
  • Biodiversity co-benefits will be achieved through greater protection of the ecosystem predominantly by means of increased security and improved monitoring. The Project will also be protecting critical habitat for significant populations of many IUCN listed species, including Asian elephant, Asiatic black bear, sun bear, large spotted civet, clouded leopard, and dhole, as well as the critically endangered reptiles Siamese crocodile and Southern river terrapin.

Creation of new and sustainable livelihood opportunities, such as:

  • Direct employment, alternative income generating activities (IGAs) and initiatives to stimulate investment in businesses will be designed to reduce pressure on the environment while significantly increasing community well-being. 
  • Additional programs will address food security, improve health and education facilities, as well as raise environmental awareness.


This project is verified by the Verified Carbon Standard and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard.

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Project overview

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More about the project

The protection of this project helps participate in several of the United Nations Sustainability Goals

Provided microfinance to 71 women from 7 villages, coached in financial literacy to improve the effectiveness of their savings and loan activities.

Provides scholarships for students in primary and secondary school. 

22,584 people have received assistance on income generating activities, of which 6,683 people received income generating assistance and 629 people received access to microfinance.

Zoning and demarcation activities have continued, so that the land for local communities is clearly delineated. 

Training civilians to become Southern Cardamom REDD+ rangers, as environmental ranger Agents under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment Provincial Department.

Ensures sustainable food production systems and implements resilient agricultural practices in the project zone.

For the education bursary programs, there are 8 females and 5 males participating. For project run education programs, there are 779 female students and 532 male students attending events. 

71 women from 7 villageswere coached in financial literacy to improve the effectiveness of their savings and loan activities, which were initiated in 2018.

Awareness raising on the SCRP activities was conducted in 25 villages of 10 communes and 4 districts of Koh Kong Province since 2018.

Reduces illicit financial and arms flows, strengthen the recovery and return of stolen assets and combat all forms of organized crime through ranger trainings within the project area.

1,743 people have improved health services since the beginning of the project, of which 878 are women.

82,548 people live in the communities of the project zone and benefit from the protection of the watershed.

Ensures equal opportunity and reduce inequalities of outcome. No grievances have been submitted to the Project.

Avoided the deforestation of 63,181 and reduced the emission of 23,857,741 t CO2e through avoided deforestation of project area.

Adopts and implements investment promotion regimes for least developed countriesby providing financial literacy trainings.



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