The eCommerce plugin that reduces your business carbon footprint

By protecting trees in the rainforest with every sale, your businesses can grow more sustainably, and your customers can take climate action.

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How it Works

1. Connect your business

Connect your eCommerce or service business in 15 minutes.

3. We All Reduce Co2

All payments are certified by One Tribe and transferred to carbon reduction projects.

2. Customers Purchase

When customers purchase from your business a micro payment is triggered.

We are here to help you find the solution you need for your business.

Climate Action Solution

Who is it for?

Marketing Teams

Grow your database by converting more website visitors into signups


Make your business ‘Climate Positive’ and have a real impact on protecting our planet. 

Sustainability Teams

Visualise your sustainability strategy, educate and engage your customer experience

eCommerce Teams

Attract and convert more eco-conscious customers on your site by protecting rainforest with every sale


What is included when we join?

Go live in 15 minutes…

What is included when I join?

Your customers want to buy more sustainably today! It's time to take serious climate action.

eCommerce Manager – Traffic People 

“Every sale protects trees that absorb at least 2.4 tonnes of Carbon”

Reduce your business carbon footprint

by saving trees with every customer purchase or transaction

Increase your sales and sign-up conversion rate

by using climate action as an incentive

Co-Founder Goose Studios

One Tribe increased conversions by 30% and reduced acquisition cost by over 20%

Marketing Manager Claro Money App

One Tribe was our best campaign to date

Attract eco-conscious customers to your website

using our customisable marketing assets

Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty

by helping your customers shop more sustainably

Jane customer

I love buying shoes from Koi they save trees with every purchase

Sustainable brands grow faster!

Check out some of our clients recent results

“We created our first climate action campaign with One Tribe in less than a week and our customers love it!”

Plyska Genova
PR & Marketing Manager, Koi Footwear

“My newsletter signups increased 30% using One Tribe. This reduced my cost of acquisition by more than 20%.”

Sam Taylor
Co-Founder Goose Studios

“The engagement was 5x higher and our cost per conversion was 30% lower on average across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!”

Anna Panayi
Marketing Manager, Claro Money App

Are you ready to grow your business more sustainably?