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Secure PAS2060 - Certified carbon neutral status

As a part of your membership, we help your business secure PAS2060 status. PAS 2060 is the internationally recognised specification for carbon neutrality. It sets out requirements for quantification, reduction and offsetting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for organisations, products and events.

As a part of your membership, we help our members secure PAS 2060 status. This helps them to understand what carbon neutrality is and how their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG's) can be reduced. Then how they can certify and explain how they are reducing their emissions to their stakeholders.

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Benefits of PAS2060 certification

How can you get PAS2060 certified?

There are 7 simple steps to achieve your PAS 2060 certification:

Step 1 - Become a member
We offer PAS2060 certification as a part of our enterprise membership
Step 2 - Confirm carbon emissions data
Working with the team we can calculate your carbon footprint and data
Step 3 - Submit application
We can now help you complete your application form, answering questions to meet requested PAS measures
Step 4 - Document Prep
Once documents have been prepared and made ready for audit, we'll submit these in for auditing.
Step 5 - Assessment
If all questions have met the PAS criteria you'll move to the inspection stage
Step 6 - Inspections
Inspections are carried out. Once completed a certificate will be issued
Step 7 - Celebrate and share
We’ll talk you through how to celebrate your achievement across the business and what to do with your certificates

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