Win a Sustainable Bamboo Bedding Bundle from Panda Life

Billie Gold

Billie Gold

Win an ultimate bundle worth up to £575

Comfort connoisseurs at Panda Life have teamed up with us here at One Tribe to launch a brand new competition to win a comfort bundle worth a whopping £575! Panda’s line of bedroom essentials boasts the very best in bamboo fabrics, award-winning vegan pillows, cloud-like duvets and silky soft toppers. 

We know that saving the planet helps you sleep at night, and we think you should do it in the creme de la creme of bedding.

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Bamboo bedding – The fastest-growing bed linen in the world 

Sustainable mattress and bamboo bedding brand Panda Life are award-winning comfort junkies. Not only have they been knocking it out of the park with being awarded accolades from the good housekeeping institute, winning best vegan pillow at the PETA awards, and scooping the independents best buy, they know that true relaxation comes from conscious products. The secret ingredient they use to get you all swaddled up and carefree is bamboo. The fastest-growing sustainable crop in the world when it comes to fibres, and making bamboo bedding. 

It takes around 9 months for coffee plants to go from flowering to harvesting, and once they do, a skilled coffee farmer can pick 100-200 pounds of coffee cherries every single day.

The Panda life ethos – More than just bamboo bedding

Back in 2015 Panda was born, not being satisfied with using animal products that harm the environment, they set about finding a way to make products that make you feel right at home, without impacting the planet. A true revolution in fabrics for everyday use, they shunned Egyptian cotton and set about searching for something softer, something more sustainable, and something they could grow with a truly transparent supply chain.

Ultimate-Bundle contents

Every time you buy with Panda Life we save 5 mature trees

After a lot of trial and error and travelling the world to find the right fit, they landed on a product that could be manufactured fairly, in an eco-friendly way, and without biodiversity loss, bamboo. 

Panda didn’t want to scrimp on quality, and bamboo bedding is the sumptuous soft second cousin twice removed of Egyptian cotton. Its naturally moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial making it the perfect choice for bamboo bedding. 

With their pioneering approach to both manufacture and design, Panda now makes everything from towels, cot liners for the sustainable little ones, and the highest quality mattresses, toppers, and duvets winning awards for both their ethics and their quality products.

On top of all that, every time you buy with Panda Life we save 5 mature trees in the rainforest, storing CO2 and protecting our precious natural world!

bamboo forest

Win Panda’s ultimate bundle box – Bamboo bedding, and more

With so many sustainable products to choose from (all featuring panda’s adorable logo), we could totally understand how it would be impossible to pick just one. Luckily One Tribe and Panda life have teamed up to give you the chance to win a hefty prize bundle from Panda worth a whopping £575! Can’t wait to rip open the box? Why don’t we give you a little preview…

Strap in because this ultimate bundle box from Panda life is packed with VIP goodies that you can win for your very own bedroom.

topper from Panda Life's ultimate bundle
The topper

This isn’t your ordinary “maybe this will sort my back out” topper, the pioneers at Panda have figured out a way to support every inch of your body, holding your neck, back, and hips perfectly in place while you drift off to sleep. With 3rd generation gel-infused memory foam there’s no risk of a sweaty night’s sleep here, keeping you cool and supported all night.

pillow from Panda Life's ultimate bundle

Award-winning memory foam bamboo pillow

Oh, the night’s we’ve spent punching pillows to get them comfortable enough to sleep on. Panda’s pillows require no manipulation to get them perfectly situated to support your neck and back, with memory foam that doesn’t lose its shape or density over time but still contours to your neck. This winner of PETA’s best vegan pillow award is this bad boy. The cover is Panda’s special bamboo bedding fabric so it’s silky smooth to the touch, but lovely and cool inside. 

duvet from Panda Life's ultimate bundle
The cloud duvet

The reviews on this duvet are off the charts. It is Vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic, and without a feather in sight, it uses 50% cosy bamboo and 50% nano microfibre. The perfect balance means it’s the perfect thing for keeping you cool in the summer and super cosy in the winter! Its temperature regulates like the entirety of Pandas line, no they not only make products you can feel good about the environment, but all that tossing and turning just went straight out the window.

bedding from Panda Life's ultimate bundle
100% bamboo bedding set

Move over Egyptian cotton, the thread count on this 100% organic bedding set surpasses pretty much everything. It’s the softest you can get, with an equivalent to a 1,200 thread count. Moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic, it’s the perfect set for sneezy sleepers, people with allergies, and people that have trouble with a high temperature at night. Super breathable and silky soft, this set includes a fitted sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcases.

protector from Panda Life's ultimate bundle
Bamboo mattress protector

This mattress protector is completely silent, with no squeaking in the middle of the night, and like everything that Panda makes, it’s silky soft. When you have premium luxury bedding in your home, it definitely needs protection from that accidental spill. It’s made with Nano TPU, which means it’s ultra-thin, a silent addition that keeps everything soft and clean.

eyemask from Panda Life's ultimate bundle
Bamboo eye mask

Whatever the time, an eye mask is a great addition to your nighttime routine for shutting out those pesky bits of light that prevent good sleep. 100% bamboo, it’s super soft on the skin, and antibacterial so you don’t have to worry about a morning break out.

pillow fort example

Panda Life X One Tribe

If reading all of that has made you ready to crawl into a fresh set of panda life products then we have great news for you. You can win all of this just by entering our brand new competition! 


Check out our T&C’s for the boring stuff, but Panda and One Tribe want to see your very best pillow forts. Unleash your inner child and go crazy with the blankets, pillows and fairy lights and remember a pillow fort is only as good as its snacks and password. Take a shot of your creation and share it on our social media, sweet dreams! 

Learn more about Panda life right here!

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