Swisse UK: An Eco Wellness Brand Making Sustainability Beautiful

Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

Swisse UK is a leading wellness brand that is injecting the beauty market with innovative and ethical supplements, with A list celebs as ambassadors for their holistic approach to wellness.

Breath-of-fresh-air products are based on scientific research and nutritional facts, they cater for every single diet, using world class ingredients with the finest vitamins and minerals.

Swisse is a twist on the norm, yes they really care about what’s going in your body, but they are also one of the most ethical beauty and wellness brands on the market today.

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The Australian success story 

Swisse has always been inspired by nature, starting off with founder Kevin Ring selling pollen tablets in a humble bakery in 1969, Swisse went from a single innovator to an ever-expanding global company attracting the attention of some high profile celebrities.

In 2019 Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth joined Swisse to be their brand ambassador sharing in their vision of a whole and healthy life. 

Being super ripped for blockbuster movie roles is no small task, and while Chris works out, eats a balanced diet, and takes time for his mental health, he knows as well as you do that gaps in wellness happen, so joined with Swisse to spread the word about maintaining a holistic approach to health and wellness. 

Reconnecting with nature

Talking to Swisse in their “Quest” series Hemsworth expresses how moving back to Byron Bay in Australia and reconnecting with nature came at a time when life was moving fast for him, in synchronicity with partnering with a brand that focuses on positive lifestyle changes.

“It was very hard to detach yourself from work. I felt there was a lack of creativity within me – so we made a conscious decision to move back to Australia and here to Byron Bay.”

Says Hemsworth.

He joins a whole host of health-conscious celebs like best female Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, the brand first-ever ambassador in 2012, celebrity personal trainer Luke Milton, Spanish actor Elsa Pataky, and international Yoga model and teacher Ashley Hart. 

If you’re wondering what he’s taking that makes him look so damn good we can’t help you there.

But seeing as Swisse caters for literally every lifestyle, they include broad-spectrum vitamins and minerals like the ‘Men’s ultimate’ and the ‘Women’s ultimate’ that fill in those little dietary holes we may not have the time to fill with a diet loaded with fruit and veg for every meal.

Chris Hemsworth in an ad for Swisse promoting mens and womens multivitamins

Now for the science-y bit… 

Confused about what vitamins and minerals to take? 

How many times have you googled what vitamins and minerals you should be supplementing in your diet? If you’re like us, it’s lots. Wellness brand Swisse UK believes that optimising your diet should be easy and fun.

They’ve taken out all of the guesswork when it comes to health pick-me-ups, and have curated a wide range of high-quality powders, snacks, and gummies catered to your specific lifestyle.

Easy to read ingredients wheels listed on their page for each product are totally foolproof, no time spent reading teeny tiny writing on the back of bottles my friend, just consult the handy colour coded chart!

Swisse UK provide for all

Often it’s those of us who choose to lead a vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free lifestyle and have trouble filling in the missing parts of our diet, but Swisse has that covered too.

They have a huge range of protein and vitamin-packed smoothies to power you on through your day, or even just as a tasty morning boost. No worries about it being drenched in sugar either. Like your favourite coffee shop smoothie, Swisse never adds sugar or nasty additives in their products!

colour chart from Swisse nutrition page with information about what goes into their supplements

Collagen peptides and their rise in the beauty game 

Remember we talked about science? Collagen peptides have been sweeping the beauty market recently, but you’d be forgiven for not actually knowing what they do for your body.

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in the body, it’s responsible for loads of different things including the structure of your skin, helping your blood clot, and is one of the major building blocks of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The glue that holds us together

Basically, it’s the glue that holds you together. ‘Collagen’ even comes from the Greek word ‘Kόlla’, which means…glue. As you age your body produces less collagen, and what it does produce is a lower quality which means that the sagging skin and creaky joints you get as you age has a lack of collagen to thank for it!

Yes there are ways to introduce more collagen into your diet (like eating amino acid rich food), and if you do smoke it’s most definitely time to ditch the cigs, but sometimes we all need a little bit of help to make sure we are giving our bodies the best chance possible to withstand the passing of time healthily. That’s where wellness brand Swisse comes in!

Their collagen range covers everything from powders to portable on-the-go shots with a little blood orange for that citrusy burst for flavour. Most of their products have a whopping 5g of collagen in them, and a decent amount of protein to boot.

We think their shots are particularly cool, chuck it in your bag along with your phone and keys and that’s a pick me up at the office your body will thank you for.

women from swisse holds collagen supplement and stretches her cheek skin

Swisse UK’s dedication to full body care 

Don’t get us wrong, it’s nice to know that our skin, hair and nails are taken care of, but Swisse hasn’t stopped there on their wellness mission. 

They have an absolutely enormous range of supplements for just about anything you can think of. Memory on the blink? Ultiboost memory is rammed with ginkgo, omegas, and minerals to help that brain fog.

Work out more than Arnie on leg day? Ultiboost Muscle recovery is packed with potassium and magnesium to support muscle growth and rest. Just straight up cranky? Their mood booster with holy basil and vitamin B6 is on hand to help you out in stressful periods.

As a holistic wellness brand, Swisse makes sure to think about bodies and minds, not profits and gimmicks.

There’s so much to make your body work in balance, mental wellbeing works alongside physical health, and that’s why Swisse has such dedication to transparency and education. Don’t take our word for it, watch brand ambassador Chris Hemsworth talk about his journey with the brand.


Sustainability inspired by nature

Swisse was born by thinking about the scientific makeup of life. As a brand inspired by nature, it stands to reason that its sustainability is off the charts.

Their suppliers, waste, and manufacturers all play an important role in making sure they have as little impact on the environment as possible.

One of the ways they do this is by going local, to act globally. Engaging themselves in local charity and outreach programmes like “Body and soul” and local food banks, they aim to deliver nutritional information which would otherwise be inaccessible, improving the link between education and health. 


Sustainable packaging is a big deal for Swisse too. Their vitamins and supplements are in bio-jars (the name sounds cool enough alone) made from biodegradable sugarcane rather than plastic or glass.

Their boxes are 100% recyclable and even sourced from responsibly sustained forestry. The only big impact on the planet here is education through their sustainability page, where you can read all about the work they do to keep their products as eco-friendly as possible.

B-Corp baby!

Swisse are also committed to 100% recyclable packaging for all of their products by 2024, adding to their goal of becoming a B corp business by 2022.

With everything now completely carbon neutral from them due to using renewable energy sources throughout their London business, they are bang on track to reach their goal by next year, go Swisse! 

bendy lady

Swisse and One tribe, healthy people, healthy planet

If recyclable packaging, carbon offsetting, and sustainably sourced products weren’t enough Swisse have partnered with us at One Tribe to save 5 mature trees in the rainforest with every single order. 

They are now certified as a “climate action hero”! That’s big fat news for the planet and carbon storage in the Amazon and other rainforests the world over. With the click of a button, an area of rainforest is saved from deforestation, so it couldn’t be easier to help fight climate change.

Are you a health and beauty brand thinking about taking climate action? Join the tribe today!


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