Skullcrusher Coffee: The Strongest Coffee in the World Fighting Climate Change

Billie Gold

Billie Gold

Skull Crusher coffee isn’t sleeping on climate change. Skull Crusher Coffee has been involved in the sustainability struggle for decades.

Yes their perfect roast is hardcore strong, but these caffeinated connoisseurs are also climate action heroes! Rainforest Alliance certified and sustainably sourced, their coffee might have you up all night, but it certainly won’t be about the environment.

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Where does your morning cup of coffee come from? 

Coffee is magical, it’s most people’s go-to drink in the morning to get them up and jazzed about the day, but where does it actually come from? 

Coffee beans themselves come from the coffee plant funnily enough. 

It’s a bush-like plant that can grow up to 10 feet tall, with the beans themselves starting life encased in a berry. Currently cultivated in over 70 countries, each coffee type has its own specific growing and harvesting process, resulting in a wide array of different flavour profiles.

It takes around 9 months for coffee plants to go from flowering to harvesting, and once they do, a skilled coffee farmer can pick 100-200 pounds of coffee cherries every single day.


The bean belt

Coffee plants are grown on the aptly named ‘bean belt’, which includes parts of Central and South America, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia.

With Brazil being the largest exporter of coffee to date, and the increasing demand for coffee has inevitably increased deforestation in order to make way for more production. 

Traditionally, coffee was grown under a shaded canopy of trees, providing a valuable habitat for local wildlife and different ecosystems and preventing topsoil erosion (Brazil being particularly delicate), but thanks to the surge in demand traditional methods have been bulldozed to make way for ‘sun cultivation’.

A method popularised in the 1970’s, sun cultivation forgoes the traditional tree canopies, with coffee being grown in plantations that use chemical fertilisers, erode the soil thanks to growth methods, and clear vast areas of wild habitat in order to satisfy the consumer.

For every cup of coffee drank, it is almost certain that one square inch of rainforest was destroyed.

Far too hardcore to turn a blind eye to harmful farming methods, Skullcrusher got involved in the sustainable coffee movement…


coffee farmers for skullcrusher

Coffee and the Rainforest Alliance: low impact, big changes

Skullcrusher coffee works with the Rainforest Alliance, which is pretty much the gold star for folks who like their cold brew. With every surge in the market comes impact on the people that actually grow the product.

Farmers dealing with mass production are likely to only receive a pitiful 10% of profits, but the Rainforest Alliance is working with brands like Skullcrusher to improve the livelihoods of farmers, and make a positive impact on their communities.

The Rainforest Alliance also provides extremely diligent audits that make sure their coffee farms are performing in the most biodiverse forward way possible, they also make sure the farmers are getting real financial benefits and quality of life, ensure that children in the area are getting adequate education, and foster respect for workers and local communities alike.


Sustainable farming means little to no impact on the environment, remember when I told you that one square inch of rainforest is destroyed for every cup of coffee drank?

The Rainforest Alliance and Skullcrusher along with it are fighting to stop that, providing sustainable solutions to big consumer-based problems.

Skullcrusher is a sustainability champion. Introducing eco-friendly food and drink into your daily routine is one of the great ways to support the planet and support brands that do the same!

Skullcrusher original

The strongest coffee in the world 

Skullcrusher don’t mess with your morning buzz, they believe in waking the dead with their blends. With their OG blend you’ll get 350mg of caffeine per cup, which is 3x times stronger than a standard black coffee (woah). It’s 100% natural, just a smooth blend and small batch roasted, yummy. 

Their unique infused coffee is the twist on our normal morning cup that we’ve all been waiting for. With all the caffeine of their OG blend and a special CBD infusion to create a calm feeling without the normal coffee jitters.

CBD coffee

Supercharge your brain with your morning coffee? Why wouldn’t you! With Skullcrusher’s Nootropic blend infused with 10 scientifically proven cognitive boosting ingredients (read about the science-y jargon here) it supercharges your brain to improve reaction times, think clearer under stress, and enhance your focus on complex tasks.

Skullcrusher nootropic coffee

Skullcrusher cares about the whole coffee experience, so if you’re wondering what to make your brand new super roast with they’ve got it covered! With their cafetieres and drippers you’ll be able to drink your original, nootropic, and CBD infused coffees in style.

Add in your new favourite coffee mug and fancy coffee scoop and get ready for supercharged mornings that support our planet!

Sustainability banner

Skullcrusher Coffee and One Tribe working together to save the rainforest 

At the time of writing, Skullcrusher has saved almost 200,000 trees in the rainforest with us here at One Tribe! That’s huge news as the brand has stored almost 30,000 tonnes of global carbon emissions.

With every single purchase customers make with Skullcrusher, the brand saves 5 mature trees and 100 Square meters of Rainforest, storing tons of CO2 and helping to safeguard our planet and our natural wild world.

So we know Skullcrusher are awesome planet warriors that have the strongest sustainable coffee in the world, but what are our favourite sleep annihilating products from them? 

Check out Skullcrusher’s full range here. 

Finally, you’re fired up about changing your diet to support climate action? Well, you can read about our other brand partners here! Are you a drinks brand looking to take climate action. Join the tribe today . . . 

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