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One Tribe partner Nuzest is a certified climate action hero. They have already saved over 250K trees with their all-natural plant-based power powder! Nuzest wants to focus on efficiency without compromise, and with the most advanced nutritional products on the market, they are storming the fitness world delivering plant-based results, time after time.

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Pea protein in a white bowl next to peas

Trust your gut with plant based nutrition

Nuzest believes that a good diet is the foundation for great health, and we couldn’t agree more! But what is a good diet? Does it vary or is there a one size fits all type deal we should all be consuming?

Once upon a time, it was believed that the only place to get enough protein to lead an active lifestyle was through meat and dairy. Although more marketed and readily available in a pinch, it isn’t the only (or necessarily the best) option to get your body the fuel it needs. Protein powders have gained popularity over the last couple of decades, invariably rising with the reach of social media. 

cattle roam in the Amazon on deforested lands

Nuzest has you covered

Fad products are a click away, so a transparent company like Nuzest that puts real love and science behind its products is essential. Nuzest’s protein isn’t just any protein, it’s made from the highest quality European Peas. These are the most potent little pods of vegetable nutrients. 

Turn peas into a powder, and that’s pure body repair fuel, my friend. It contains all of the essential amino acids we need and doesn’t turn you into a human balloon via bloating. Also, the pea powder is completely vegan, paleo-friendly and it’s raw. Whatever diet you’ve decided is best for you, Nuzest has you covered.

How does our diet affect the environment?

The food industry is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. It’s got 7 and a half billion people to feed, and impossible demand to keep up with. Of this one-quarter of carbon emissions, 14% of that is pumped out by the meat industry. A further 3.4% comes from the dairy industry (that’s close to aviation and shipping combined). 

Staying ethical while trying to get in top shape is no longer a problem. More brands are adapting to save the climate and put your health first at the same time. 

Colourful bowl of fruit and vegetables promoting a plant based lifestyle

The controversy around a plant based diet is longstanding, but the fact is that the planet simply cannot sustain 7 billion people eating meat every day of the week. Lots of meat-eaters require lots of land to put lots of animals on. The global greed for meat is the current driver for 80% of the amazon rainforests’ decimation. 

That’s almost all of it, because of our diets alone. 

How does eating plant based help the planet and our bodies?

On the flip side, carbon emissions from plant based products are around 10 to 50 times smaller, a massive win for the environment!  Given that it uses a tenth of land needed to rear cattle, plant based eating shows signs of regenerating our natural world. One peer-reviewed study showed that removing meat and replacing it with plant based foods as our primary source of protein can cut greenhouse emissions by 60%

Halting deforestation in the Amazon done by the cattle industry is a challenge that only the consumer can tackle. What we eat isn’t being farmed right in front of our eyes, it’s thousands of miles away, in one of the most biodiverse and ancient rainforests in the world. 

Clean lean plant based protein product shot by nuzest

Plant based protein

Plant based protein isn’t only better for the planet as a whole, it’s also better for us. They generally have fewer calories (unless you’re smothering them in butter). Certain plants are also “complete” proteins which means that they have all 9 essential amino acids. Yep, that little bottle of £20 face serum can be replaced with a simple colourful vegetable diet, and less cholesterol for your body to shift around than a fatty steak. 

Far from chicken and rice 5 times a week being “healthy”, studies show that people on vegetarian and vegan diets are at much lower risk of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and ischemic heart disease. You’ll do whey less damage broadening your veggie horizons (see what we did there). 

Nuzest clean lean protein

What is pea protein and how do we use it?

Pea protein is a potent extract from yellow peas. It’s a great fit for any diet as it’s vegan, does not contain any nasties, and is completely hypoallergenic. It contains all 9 amino acids as it’s a complete protein. Before you ask, yes we do need to have them in our diet, because the body can’t create them itself. It’s super-rich in iron too which is great for the vegans and veggies of us, no red meat means dark leafy greens, and protein! 

The special thing about pea proteins from Nuzest is that they blend amazingly and can be put into almost anything. Not to mention it’s super sustainable as a food source as it uses far less land and water than almost any other protein source.

Nuzest clean protein

Nuzest got options!

Choose from their “Clean lean protein” powder packed with 20g of highly digestible protein, and amino acids essential for recovery and repair. You can stick it in a smoothie or literally any recipe as it’s flavoured gently and tastes super smooth.

Their “Good green vitality” is positively rammed with 24 vitamins and minerals, vitamin C, and zinc. With all this working in harmony in a sustainable powder to keep your body in perfect balance, you’ll never go wrong.

And their “Kid’s good stuff”! It’s an all in one to keep kids healthy, with yummy flavours and ingredients to support everything from a healthy immune system to healthy growth and development.

Nuzest also protects trees with every single purchase through One Tribe. They have so far saved over 250,000 trees, storing 29,000 tonnes of carbon. 

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