Ethical Chocolate Brand Choc Chick Teams up with One Tribe

Billie Gold

Billie Gold

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There’s nothing we love more than a good ethical chocolate brand. We don’t believe in giving up things you love in order to lead a planet friendly lifestyle. Enter a deliciously eco-friendly superstars Choc Chick!

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There’s nothing we love more than a good ethical chocolate brand

Ethical chocolate brand and the home of raw cacao Choc Chick have teamed up with us here at one tribe in possibly the tastiest brand partnership ever! They had us drooling over their sustainable recipes using fairtrade cacao powder and vegan chocolate, promoting good things for the earth, and your oven!

Galia Orme, the founder, started her journey into her ethical chocolate brand Choc Chick because she simply loves chocolate and wanted to find a way to source and produce cacao and chocolate products as ethically and sustainably as possible. So promoting the goodness of cacao and sustainable cacao sourcing has become a huge part of her life. We’ve chosen to buddy up with them not just because we want to try every single product (yum), but because protecting the planet is at the very forefront of their business.  They are super transparent with their entire product line and work hard to achieve a carbon positive state. 


cacao and cocoa taken from

What’s raw cacao? How is it different from cocoa?

As you’re stirring your chocolate into your hot oat milk while reading this you might be wondering what the difference is between cacao and cocoa, let us break it down for you. Being one of the first businesses in the UK to import directly from cooperatives in Ecuador and Peru, ethical chocolate brand Choc Chick knows a whole lot about the production of cacao! 

Cacao powder starts its life as the prettiest flower on the bark of the Cacao tree, eventually, after around three months, the flower turns into a bud that becomes a cocoa pod full of cacao seeds or pulp. Once it’s nice and ripe the pod is picked and the seeds are removed and taken to cocoa collection centres where they are fermented for five days. The beans are then dried for around seven days and taken to the production plant where they are flash roasted to remove any bacteria. The cocoa mass is then ground up to a fine powder with nothing else added. 

Cacao – An awesome superfood

The reason cacao powder is considered a superfood is that it is minimally processed and is not alkalised/”Dutched” like traditional cocoa powder. In its natural state, cacao is super nutritious and bursting with antioxidant flavanols, magnesium, iron and potassium. Research has shown that “60% of natural antioxidants are destroyed by light dutching and 90% are destroyed by heavy dutching” which is why minimally processed cacao retains more antioxidants and maintains the nutritional benefits naturally found in cacao powder

By keeping cacao powder in its most natural state and not adding any additional ingredients like sugar, soya or soya lecithin, Choc Chick ensures we get the best out of this amazing superfood.


Galia and Eduardo - Our farmers

Choc Chick  – A match made in fairtrade chocolate heaven 

Choc Chick has been working directly with cocoa farmers in Ecuador and Peru since 2009 and has been leading the ethical sourcing way. They have a direct link and traceability with their farmers and in so doing protect both workers rights and the environmental impact that food production has.

Choc chick drying warehouse taken from

Every single farmer is paid fairly for their work and Choc Chick has access to spreadsheets with the amounts each farmer is paid for the lots used in the cacao they source. Not one to work with farmers without meeting them personally, Galia first visited Ecuador in 2010 and has been regularly meeting cooperatives and farmers as well as the cocoa collection centres and processing factories ever since.

Galia has been directly involved with her production chain 

She’s been involved in the entire production chain from harvest to manufacturing and has even learnt to chop open a cocoa pod herself with a machete, we’d wager most ethical chocolate brand owners don’t know how to do that! Guided of course by the traditional farmers that help her produce her sustainable cacao Galia’s aim has always been to ensure everyone in the supply chain benefits and that no person, animal or our planet is exploited in the production of this amazing superfood.

Ethical chocolate brand Choc Chick wants to remove the stigma around chocolate, less of the sugary fattening guilt and more of the benefits of beautiful cacao powder. With a supply chain that’s built and driven by love, humanity and the future of the planet.

A sustainable market for genuinely good food

Being one of the most ethical chocolate brands means thinking about the bigger picture. Choc Chick is committed to using goods that are ethically sourced, timber free, and free of toxins and chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. The chocolate trade is full of plastic packaging, unfairly paid workers and unethical humanitarian values. Choc Chick seeks to change all of that with its forward-thinking approach to good nutrition.

Galia founder of Choc Chick taken from

Choc Chick is mindful of their natural resources

Far and away from taking from the local environment, Choc Chick is mindful of their natural resources as any good ethical chocolate brand should be. Involved in charity work for local communities and actively working to minimize and mitigate their emissions, they are actively making sure that the only thing that comes out of their cacao farming is good food and a happy community!

Everything Choc Chick promises is there in black and white on their website, making their transparency from the farms to the customer as visible as possible amidst a world full of advertising secrets. And we love them for it! 

They are a growing brand so don’t expect the commitment to sustainability to stop there, they are constantly providing more training for a more eco-friendly business. 

One Tribe X Choc Chick

With like-mindedness in sustainability Choc Chick and One Tribe are effectively working towards the same goals. With every purchase of their cacao products One tribe saves mature trees in the rainforest, they are a certified climate action hero with us! And have so far saved a whopping 240 trees, trapping and storing 117 tonnes of CO2 from releasing into our atmosphere! We love working with sustainable food brands (as you might have guessed), why not check out some more super tasty brands we’re working with to save the planet here!

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