Celebrating Earth Day: How One Tribe is Helping to Protect the Planet

Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

Happy Earth Day!  Join us as we celebrate Earth Day and share the ways One Tribe is continually working to protect the planet.


Earth Day is just around the corner. The annual event is one of the most important days to add to our calendar, as it focuses on environmental upkeep and positive education around living more sustainably.

Join us as we celebrate Earth Day and share the break down the ways One Tribe is continuously working to protect the planet.

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What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an annual global event that takes place every year on the 22nd of April. It is a day that celebrates positive environmental efforts and raises awareness about sustainability and how to maintain a healthy planet. 

Over the years, Earth Day has helped the global community tackle some of climate change’s largest concerns. Educating about the causes of environmental disasters, pollution, and sustainable living, Earth Day has made it more accessible for people to recognise the impact on our environment and resources and how we can all actively work to take climate action. 

Earth Day 2022

Alongside providing year-round education, Earth Day celebrates its official date with a key theme. This year the theme is ‘The Race to Zero’ which will focus on efforts to implement sustainable technology to replace some of the world’s current, and biggest polluters.

Net Zero Explained

Net Zero is a phrase that has now become common in business, with many more companies now aiming to implement Net Zero targets. To be Net Zero means to be in a state of net-zero CO2 emissions indefinitely. Of course for businesses and humans alike this is difficult enough, given that most of our day-to-day functions emit tonnes of carbon dioxide. It is impossible to emit zero emissions of CO2, so to become net zero we must balance the amount of CO2 we put out with an equal amount of offset which brings the emissions total back down to zero.

Where does One Tribe come in?

The race is on, and while many companies have created innovative technology that assists in keeping emissions low, or offsetting them completely, only one fact remains: 

To protect our planet and maintain its longevity, we need to protect our natural resources. 

Both rainforests and oceans act as the world’s most effective carbon sinks. What they do is store and recycle CO2 back into the atmosphere at a rate so significant that the planet would quickly collapse without them. Forests alone can absorb a net 7.6 billion metric tonnes of CO2 per year just from standing still! 

We are aware that protecting these vast natural landscapes is now of the highest importance with specific attention directed to the Amazon Rainforest, which is currently a major cause for concern. 

The Amazon Rainforest has lost 17% of its forests in the last 50 years alone. Scientists have now concluded that the rainforest has reached its ‘tipping point’ and is reaching critical levels of deforestation that we need to put a stop to immediately. 


Tree Protection

In the last 40 years, people have cut down a larger chunk of the Amazon than in the past 450 years combined. Tree planting just won’t suffice in our battle to fight climate change and protect the planet from destruction.

This is exactly why One Tribe aims to protect trees alongside companies that focus solely on planting trees. 

Reasons Why Tree Protection is More Effective Than Tree Planting 

  • Tree Planting is often carried out by drones that release seedlings into open ground. This makes it impossible for tree planting to guarantee whether the trees have been properly planted or not.
  • Tree Planting doesn’t track the full growth or development of trees after they have been planted meaning some might die or not grow at all.
  • Tree Planting doesn’t take into consideration overpopulation or native species. While it may seem effective to mass plant trees, plants often communicate with each other via their roots to detect pests. Some trees will reject other tree species they deem invasive to their surroundings, stopping the new seedlings from receiving proper nutrients or even growing at all.
  • Even when Tree Planting is successful and properly monitored, trees can take 50-100 years to fully mature to a level that cycles the equivalent CO2 of a tree that has existed for over 100 years.
  • Mature trees have the ability to absorb 20x more carbon than seedlings, with the Amazon Rainforest alone being able to store 76 billion tonnes of carbon alone.

How Does One Tribe Work?

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Protecting the lifecycle of our forests and natural landscapes is incredibly important to us as a business and a brand. We understand the urgency that comes alongside climate change and we recognise that protecting trees is what will ultimately bring longevity to our planet and protect our future generations from the devastating effects of climate change.

One Tribe combines elements of non-profit organisations with that of modern technology to create an integrative technology that helps brands and businesses to become more sustainable. One Tribe technology works like a plug-in that can be used by e-Commerce stores. Once integrated, each customer sale will trigger a micro-donation that goes towards funding the protection of trees within the Amazon Rainforest, and other conservation projects worldwide. What this effectively means is that we have significant funding that can protect the areas from being deforested (in turn protecting trees) but also acquire and give land titles to indigenous communities to stop any further damage being done to the land. Or that could cause further harm to the rainforest. 

Here’s how your online store can help protect rainforest: 

  1. Install the One Tribe e-Commerce plug into your online store
  2. Once installed, each customer purchase will trigger a micro-donation (a small percentage of the sale) that goes towards protecting trees and funding rainforest protection
  3. One Tribe manages the funding alongside our partners The Rainforest Trust who have direct ties to the Amazon Rainforest and conservation projects. The projects funded focus directly on protecting rainforest and landmass, obtaining title deeds for indigenous peoples as well as supporting animal conservation
  4. The landmass protected is equated into trees protected, which can be live-tracked on the brand website 


One Tribe isn’t just for e-Commerce store owners either. We work on a subscription basis, meaning that brands and businesses alike can sign up to support rainforest protection projects. Our main goal is to help businesses and their audiences to become more sustainable. By sharing our knowledge about the importance of our rainforest and tree protection, we are able to highlight the significant impact the lungs of our world have on us all and most importantly, on the planet as a whole.

Our Rainforest Protection Projects 

Protecting trees has an impact that goes beyond saving the environment in the long run. By protecting trees we protect the landmass they sit upon. This means we are able to halt deforestation and out-bid investors that are after the land for a specific use that hinders the sustainability of our planet. 

Our projects always focus on conservation and tree protection. But we also protect indigenous communities from being pushed out of their homelands by helping them obtain land titles and deeds and empowering them to continue to be custodians of the lands they have lived on for generations. Tree protection also goes hand in hand with animal and endangered species conservation as protecting their natural habitats and forests allows them to continue to roam freely in their natural landscapes.

What We’ve Achieved So Far

One Tribe is committed to protecting the Amazon Rainforest and all rainforests on our planet from further deforestation. We are proud to have contributed so far to the protection of t 78,476,936 trees and as we continue to grow, we continue to see the levels of deforestation decrease. 

At the beginning of 2022, we released our 2021 impact report. In it, we reflected on our achievements over the past year and detailed more about the impact of tree protection. 

Throughout 2021 we were able to protect over 10 million trees, remove nearly 2.5 million carbon emissions, and reduce over 500,000 car emissions!

Our Goals For The Future 

We continue every day to keep protecting the rainforest and work with incredible brands and partners that share our values surrounding eco-consciousness and strive for a more sustainable future.

We’re on a mission to protect 1 billion trees in precious forests globally.

We aim to p use the power of climate action technology to track donations and contribute to conservation across the globe.

Businesses have a huge part to play in driving positive change and so we continue to engage and educate brands and their customers on how they can improve their carbon footprint and remain carbon neutral for the foreseeable future.


Thank you to all of the partners and brands who have joined us on our climate action journey to protect trees, animals and indigenous peoples, so that together we can have a collective positive impact on climate change!  

Earth Day is a huge day for us here at One Tribe, and one that reminds us to continue to do what we are doing, to better the future of our planet, and to strive for a brighter future for our planet and for generations to come!

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