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Hazel Needham

Apogee Associates are using R and D tax credits to save the planet. By making their workforce climate positive, and giving 5% of every successful R&D tax credit to help end the climate crisis!

Apogee - We are One Tribe- Proud to have them in our community

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Why Apogee? 

Apogee and One Tribe have joined forces to protect the planet, with every R&D tax credit, Apogee uses 5% of their income to help reduce their carbon, making money work for our natural world, and rewarding sustainable consumers. Offering their clients exceptional service at unbeatable costs, we’ve chosen to work with Apogee in synergy because of their ecologically focused mindset and sustainable work. With over 500 tax credit applications with a 100% success rate, they prove that with stellar service and a sustainable mindset, the future is green.

graphic depiction of R&D tax credits taken from taxhack.com

What are R&D tax credits? 

So what is an R&D tax credit? It stands for Research and Development. Put in basic terms, it’s a government incentive designed to encourage innovation across multiple industries. Taking exciting ideas and transforming them into fully-fledged products or services, the R&D tax credit seeks to reward industries for new ideas and advances across a wide array of sectors by reducing corporation bills and issuing tax refunds if the business is eligible. 

Investing time and money into creativity and research is being recognised, and with companies like Apogee, working out what your business can receive for the hours spent developing new products or services is simple. The scheme covers an enormous variety of markets from jewellery making to cyber security and sustainable software development, so even if your business isn’t quite on the fast train of sustainability yet, there’s still time to get involved in not only economically stimulating your particular niche but thinking about how you fit into the sustainable market

R & D tax credits - The essential guide 2020 - Full credit to G2 Innovation

How do they work? 

R&D tax credits loosen up funds for you to put back in your business essentially. New ideas and research costs time and money, and the R&D scheme claiming that money back is the gateway to making sure your business keeps growing instead of hitting a brick wall when it comes to innovation. The money claimed back can go towards either your taxable losses or be a large chunk of change towards your tax bill.

This is especially important news for startups as well as businesses that seek to develop themselves further, (which to be honest, is every business, who doesn’t want to move forward?) Between the scheme’s launch in 2000/01 and 2018/19, over 300,000 claims have been made with over £33.3bn in tax relief is claimed. Which is a whopping amount of money when you think about it. 

Most companies are actually unaware that they are already eligible as they are already conducting research and development, the definition of which is broader than you think. R&D always starts with an idea, whether it’s basic research, refining and gathering information for your venture, applying that research, hiring people and putting ideas into practice, or continuing the development of your business it all falls under the umbrella that you need to be able to claim. From website design to prototyping and trials, it’s all money that could be claimed back under the HMRC’s scheme.

Nathaniel Mortazavi, Ben Hewitt, Jack Morgan, and Josh Mortazavi taken from Our Team page apogee.co.uk

Introducing Apogee associates 

Where do businesses even start with R&D tax credits? Introducing Apogee associates, with over a decade of experience combined in the R&D sector, these guys have compiled over 500 claims and had, wait for it… a 100% success rate. Through the last crossed T’s and dotted I’s, Apogee associates operate holistically to ensure that you get the very best for your business with continued communication and crystal clear directions on what you need to do to file. 

The team is made up of four powerhouses, Nathaniel Mortazavi, Ben Hewitt, Jack Morgan, and Josh Mortazavi, between them covering years of experience across the agricultural sectors, engineering, financial markets and environmental startups and more. In their own words, they don’t just talk about innovation, they embody it. From businesses that don’t know a whole lot about tax credits to people that have previously filed and need a little guidance, Apogee associates remove the muddied waters of finance and provide a clear path for you to claim for your business.

Environmentally sustainable and economically sustainable

We’ve chosen to partner with Apogee not just because of their stellar reputation with R&D tax credits, but because of their incredibly important work with the planet. Apogee understands that the global market can only move forward if it’s sustainable. They have a triple bottom line, people, planet and profit. 

Our goal is to make ethical operations profitable by adding value to the world and the people we connect with, not consuming from it.”
ecologi brand image taken from ecologi.co.uk

Apogee has a climate positive workforce

Sticklers for constant improvement and transparency, they operate their business with fairness and humility, and as an innovative business should, they don’t overlook giving back to the planet. Working with both Ecologi and One Tribe means that Apogee while taking care of your business is super hot on climate action.

Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce

So far they’ve planted 2,421 trees with Ecologi, a climate action powerhouse. They work towards being the most climate positive in the sector, with carbon reduction and tree planting at the forefront of their business, Ecologi is super transparent about where your planet saving money goes, 85% of which bolsters climate protection and 15% to running the brand and spreading eco relevant news. Apogee is also a certified climate action hero with us over here at One Tribe, having saved 5,713 mature trees in the rainforest so far storing 2,806 tonnes of CO2.

An incredible achievement as the team celebrates its 1 year anniversary! 
Celebration - Apogee Associates is now 1 year older!

Nathaniel Mortazavi – MD/Co-Founder of Apogee Associates

“I was incredibly excited when I first heard about One Tribe; sustainability has been a fundamental pillar of Apogee since day one, and One Tribe seemed to be the thing that was missing from our environmental contributions.

When attempting to implement a sustainability strategy with any degree of sincerity, it is critical to take a holistic approach; reducing internal emissions and wastage is a key part, as is using sustainable suppliers. Carbon offsets like tree planting definitely have their place and should be part of any sustainability strategy, but the world’s rainforests are, undisputedly, the most effective means of capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

Preventing their destruction is not only the most effective means of carbon capture, but is essential to ensure the countless species, ecosystems and people that depend on the rainforest are protected.

We need to rewild the world, but we need to stop its destruction first. One Tribe enables us to contribute to that goal.”

Dan Wood – Head of Content at One Tribe 

“We are amazed by the incredible contribution the team at Apogee are willing to make to do their part to end the climate crisis. An incredible group of decent and responsible people that we are so proud to call One Tribe partners. Not only are they committed to tree planting and tree protection but they regularly raise money for important causes close to their heart, such as walking, running and cycling for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

We can’t wait to take climate action with them, protecting 50K, then 100K trees with them in a handful of months! 

And when they aren't putting through tax credits, the guys are raising funds. Guys stood together with certificates and medals

Sustainable market, Sustainable business

Sustainable and resilient futures are at the forefront of the market. With businesses doing more to protect the planet, every corporation has the ability to make a difference to the planet if they think ecologically about their finances. Thinking dynamically about how to offset carbon or reduce your carbon, like Apogee associates, not only funnels money back into innovative businesses but also cements their footing in the global movement to keep the economy and the planet thriving. 

Ready to make your move into R&D tax credits with sustainable business dynamos like apogee? Read more here, and if you’ve got the taste for financial ecological thinking, why not check out our further reading on how to help your business offset carbon here.

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