Carbon Neutral Tickets

It's time to make the Live Events industry Climate Positive!

One Tribe helps live events and promoters grow in a sustainable way by reducing the carbon footprint of every ticket sold.

One Tribe API connects directly to major ticketing platforms so every ticket purchase can be made carbon neutral. Using the latest in carbon data analysis, an accurate carbon footprint is calculated and then neutralised on purchase. 

As a certified B Corp, One Tribe is part of an exclusive group of businesses that adhere to the highest possible standards, putting purpose and people alongside profit in their mission.

73% of Global Gen Z and Millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings

78% of your customers want to take climate action

66% will change their buying habits to protect the planet

Sustainably marketed products are growing 5.6x faster

It’s time to join the tribe

How it Works

1. Ticket Purchase

When customers purchase a ticket, a micro donation is triggered.

3. We All Reduce Co2

The customer receives the carbon neutral email certifying their ticket is carbon neutral.

2. We Protect

Funds are distributed by One Tribe to carbon offset projects to make the ticket carbon neutral.

What does the customer see?

Ticket page carries the TR[1]BE Certified Logo and messaging to show how many trees are protected per ticket sold.

Ticket checkout page reinforces that this ticket saves trees and reduces carbon.

If space is available extra messaging about their climate and carbon impact can be added.

An image is added to the Ticket PDF or Email confirmation.

This links through to more information on Climate Action, CO2 reduction and rainforest protection. On the promoters website.

Ticket sales are tracked through One Tribe via Reports or API.

Ticket sales are tracked through the API connection which is installed in 15 minutes.

Positive environmental impact is shown in real-time on the promoters websites.

Social media content and badges, real-time Tree counter, carbon neutral certificates and marketing tools are supplied.

Micro donations per ticket are sent to our conservation partners to fund carbon sinks and rainforest protection projects.

Promoters and Venues who have worked with One Tribe

Artist events that have already saved rainforest with their tickets:

Yann Pissenem -

Ushuaia & Hï Ibiza Owner

“It’s an honour to be part of such an important and worthwhile project. Deforestation is one of the biggest environmental issues facing the planet and to be able to partner with the team has been incredible”

We are proud to be working with:

There is a Solution.

Saving our planet is within reach, we have worked out all the problems, we are working on all the solutions, most of them we can do now, and, over time, all of them help the economy.

We have a plan, we know what to do. There is a path to sustainability.

Sir David Attenborough

Natural Historian

Isn’t it time your events and customers joined together as one tribe to fight the climate crisis?