HydroElectric Power Plant

Providing Renewable Hydro Power To The Turkish Grid


Replacing the use of fossil fuels through the generation of renewable hydroelectric power

The Uzundere Hydroelectric Power Plant is a large run-off-river project situated in Erzurum Province, Eastern Anatolia, near the Black Sea. It aims to generate electricity for the Uzundere public grid, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The project incorporates two Pelton turbines, each with an installed capacity of 31.076 MWe. 

The town is also home to the historic Oshki monastery, a Georgian Orthodox landmark dating back to the 10th century.

The Project activity reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by avoiding electricity generation from fossil fuel sources. The monitoring and verification of the Project has confirmed there is no negative impact from noise to aquatic life, nor from waste management with a positive social impact through the provision of local employment and work opportunities.    

Project Status:

VCS Registered


Rize – Turkey

Project Type:

Renewable Energy

Estimated Annual Emissions Reductions

79,380 tonnes CO2

Crediting Period Term

27/05/2010 – 26/05/2020

Indigenous & Community Impact

Local employment opportunities

Climate Benefits and Community Impact

The project is committed to meeting US Sustainable Development Goals with the following contributions:


SDG 7 – Sustainable & Clean Energy:

  • 11,962.21 MWh net electricity generation
  • Construction of 2 diversion weirs with turbines of 2 31.6 MW.


SDG 13 – Climate Action

  • 381,382 tCO2e GHG emission reductions annually.
  • The goal is to maintain emissions at the level of 1990.



SDG 14 – Life Below Water

  • Creation of fish passage so that the fish populations can replenish.
  • Release 14m3/s of water at all times to the riverbed to support aquatic life.



SDG 8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth

  • Employment opportunities for local communities 
  • Generates economic benefits from the sale of electricity to the Turkish National Grid.


Verification: This project is verified by the Verified Carbon Standard and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard.

verra carbon standard

Project overview

Project Images

More about the project

The protection of this project helps participate in several of the United Nations Sustainability Goals

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

GOAL 14: Life Below Water

GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

GOAL 13: Climate Action



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