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About HP

HP is a multinational technology company that has developed a variety of hardware components and software for businesses and consumers over the years. HP’s Graphic Arts portfolio serves the diverse needs of the creative

and printing communities with dependable solutions, partners, expert products, and an expansive selection of media resources. The portfolio was designed to deliver profitable growth for customers, backed by HP’s leadership, commitment to customer success and sense of global responsibility.

Their efforts in climate action, human rights, and digital equity are unmatched by their competitors. A new era of carbon disclosure meant that the company needed to specify the environmental impact of HP’s services and offerings to limit the printing industry’s carbon footprint. The team at HP were eager to work with an experienced carbon partner to help showcase the carbon-saving benefits of HP Graphic Arts print-on-demand services.

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The Challenge

Auditing carbon principles

HP wanted a partner to support the visualisation and provide baseline calculations on print waste materials, as well as software solutions to relay real-time calculations and statistics on carbon data. 

HP needed to showcase these statistics to their audience and demonstrate how carbon reduction in print can be calculated. 

HP also needed a calculator tool to use in global conferences and sales meetings for their international team, for their website and within education.


The partnership is critical to drive awareness and make the sustainability benefits of HP digital print more tangible. There is a focus on three strategic areas; trees, global warming reduction when printing and avoiding print waste.

Jose ‘Pepe’ Gorbea

HP Graphics | Global Head of Brands, Agencies and Sustainability Innovation

The Solution

Custom-built calculator software

To assist HP in auditing their carbon output, One Tribe custom-built and integrated a carbon calculator tool on the HP Graphic Arts website. The carbon calculator tool provided waste reduction figures based on an adjustable unit of print packaging used per year, converted into climate-saving statistics in the form of measurable equivalents. Including car emissions removed, trees protected, and acres of land saved. Alongside this, One Tribe created marketing materials that tracked HP’s impact and data to be displayed visually within internal presentations and documents. 

One Tribe also integrated a live tree counter tool on HP’s website and a personalised brand impact page showcasing their carbon reduction statistics related to print waste volume. Using the One Tribe tree counter tool allowed HP to convert complex carbon data into easily digestible units of measurement for their consumers and creative audience to understand. The Tree Counter proved to be a fantastic tool that formed the link between how tree protection and carbon offsetting are related. Tree protection as a nature-based solution that efficiently reduces carbon footprint meant HP could demonstrate a commitment to the environment while actively lowering the carbon footprint.

To make this carbon data relatively straightforward to a large audience, One Tribe created a live carbon calculator and a statics platform to showcase their CO2-saving service available for public use on the HP Graphic Arts website.

One Tribe X HP graphic arts custom built carbon calculator showing print waste emissions

The Results

Showcasing environmental impact on a global scale

Carbon footprint measurements and data were provided to the HP team, enabling them to showcase their carbon reduction benefits to prospective customers and business leaders alike. Helping to attract new business and report on socio-environmental and governance impact. The team deployed a simple and visually impactful calculator onto their website to help quantify HP’s impact data. 

Hp graphic arts climate impact page

HP and One Tribe also launched an ESG campaign to protect trees with every new customer for HP Graphic Arts. By utilising these tools, HP was able to make their impact data not only visually engaging but interactive too. The unique carbon tools were able to quantify complex data for a global audience, while also allowing them to actively commit to helping the planet alongside HP.

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