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One Tribe connects online businesses and their customers to rainforest protection projects and tracks the climate impact in real time.

We’ve brought together loads of information here about how you can protect rainforest when you shop, how it actually works, and why its so important!

How your purchases protect trees

When a website signs up to join the tribe, we integrate their website with our platform.  When a sale or signup happens (depending on what actions they want to protect rainforest) it triggers a micro-donation that protects an area of rainforest – cool right?  This means that not only is that brand doing good for the environment, but that you can drive positive change through your shopping choices online.  The more shoppers that choose to buy from brands that are sustainable and care about the environment, the less will buy from brands that are harming it.

How One Tribe Saves Trees

Protecting rainforest protects the animals within it, but also crucially the trees.  Scientific research has calculated how many trees there are in an acre of rainforest and from there we have worked out that there are 1,012 medium and large trees in an acre.  This means that 100 square metres (which you could protect with your online purchase) contain 5 trees on average.

How One Tribe Protects Rainforest

One Tribe works by connecting websites with rainforest protection charities through our platform.  The rainforest charities we work with then fund on-the-ground projects to save endangered rainforest.  Our rainforest protection partners use 3 key strategies to protect rainforest:

Indigenous people often live on land their ancestral land but have no legal rights to it.  This leaves the land at risk from logging, mining, oil and gas extraction and agriculture.  Creating land titles for indigenous people in these areas gives them the legal rights to live on their land, so that they can continue living there in a sustainable way, and protecting them, and the plants and animals there from these threats.

Our partners also protect rainforest through the creation of National Parks or other officially recognised protection areas.  Scientific research data is used to demonstrate the value of an area based on the plants and animals that live there, particularly when those animals are endangered.  It is a tried and tested method to protect large areas of rainforest and the species that live there.

This is by far the most expensive way to protect rainforest and so is used generally for smaller areas of rainforest that have critically endangered species that would go extinct if the land was not purchased and protected.  Once the land is purchased the land is monitored and managed to ensure its protection long term. 


If you want to find out more about the project we support then you can click here [link to projects page]