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About Goose Studios

Goose Studios is a sustainable clothing brand that makes garments for both men and women using consciously sourced cotton. The Goose Studios brand challenges the norm in the fashion industry, aiming to educate customers during their journey to purchase. It highlights the impact on the planet of every purchase made or bought, striving for the smallest impact possible with every product they create.

The eCommerce brand’s goal with One Tribe was to effectively increase conversion rates and sales online by using a range of climate action incentives that are true to the brand’s values.

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The Challenge

Attract new customers

As an already environmentally conscious brand, the founders at Goose Studios wanted to improve the brand’s ESG credentials further and increase conversions online using meaningful climate action incentives. Affordable, fast fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries, and the team at Goose Studios wanted consumers to realise their impact on the environment with every purchase.

Goose Studios were looking for a climate action partner to connect their eCommerce store to an impact initiative. It was important for Goose Studios to build long-term customer loyalty using an effective climate action tool that would deliver quantifiable statistics on the environmental impact and how customers positively contribute to climate action.


By launching a climate action campaign, the team at Goose Studios could help to improve their business carbon footprint and enable their customers to engage with the initiatives and take action to protect the planet.

Ric Porteus

CEO and Founder One Tribe

The Solution

Using climate action incentives to peak consumer interest

Goose Studios aimed to create a ‘climate impact’ campaign that would encourage users to purchase from their store while also saving trees to help to protect the planet. Simultaneously, the founders at Goose Studios wished to lower the carbon footprint of the business and the overall impact on the environment by using the same tools.

By connecting the Goose Studios Shopify store using the One Tribe API integration, every product sold could be tracked and automatically save five trees in endangered forests across the globe. The initiative helps customers see the environmental impact at the point of purchase. A customised live impact page showcases how many trees Goose Studios have protected and the overall impact on the planet.

The One Tribe email tool and “protect trees with every newsletter sign-up” message have been implemented by the Goose Studios marketing team to encourage email sign-ups. Driving more sign-ups has increased the database and allowed the team to educate potential customers on the environmental values and benefits of the brand.

An automated email campaign for post-purchase with a climate badge to showcase customer impact is now live, as well as badges to promote products across the website and social to show customers how much rainforest they could save if they chose to purchase a product.

Combining several tree protection and incentive tools provided by One Tribe, the campaign is now a long-term success. Operational for over 18 months, the Goose Studios online store continues to scale month-on-month.

Goose studios collection featuring One Tribes this product protects rainforest incentive badge
Goose studios rainforest protection newsletter banner

The Results

Increased sales and newsletter sign-ups

Saving trees with every item sold and offering incentives to join the newsletter helped Goose Studios achieve ESG aims. The brand has also been able to drive more revenue with improved conversion rates, reduce acquisition costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Goose studios conversion rate graph month on month growth

Five trees are now protected for every email newsletter sign-up and item sold on the Goose Studios site, supported by the One Tribe eCommerce solution. By creating a customer engagement campaign, the team at Goose Studios saw their conversion rates increase substantially.

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