Generating Reliable Wind Energy

Renewable Energy in Wendeng, China


Replacing the use of fossil fuels with reliable renewable energy distributed throughout China’s Northeast Shandong Province

Shandong Province in Northeast China, often called the ‘East of Mountains,’ experiences cold winters with northwest winds and hot, dry summers with southeast winds.

This region is perfectly positioned for the Shandong Wendeng Zhangjiachan Wind Farm Project, which produces electricity by building and running a 49.3MW wind farm in Wendeng City, China. It consists of 58 wind turbines, each with an 850 kW capacity.

The project creates clean, green energy from wind power, providing 90,997 MWh of renewable electricity to the Northeast China Power Grid (NECP). This helps replace the need for coal-powered grid-connected plants, which would have otherwise generated this electricity. In the process, the project reduces approximately 84,709 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year, totaling 592,963 over its 7-year duration.

Project Status:

VCS Registered


Shandong, China

Project Type:

Renewable Energy

Estimated Annual Emissions Reductions

84,709 tonnes CO2

Crediting Period Term

26/02/2011 – 25/02/2021

Community Impact:

Local employment opportunities

Climate Benefits and Community Impact

The project has a strong commitment to environmental and sustainable development that benefit local communities through the following contributions:  



The project significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions by preventing the release of CO2, given that fossil fuel-based power plants are widespread in this region.



The project will invest in improving livelihoods by developing training courses and economic development initiatives for local communities.



The project provides jobs for local residents during both construction and operation. Economic growth is expected throughout the region as well as increased tourism as a result of the project.


Verification: This project is verified by the Verified Carbon Standard


Project overview

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The protection of this project helps participate in several of the United Nations Sustainability Goals

GOAL 4: Quality Education

GOAL 13: Climate Action

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth



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