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About Slo Jeans

Slo Jeans are a team of experienced marketers and social media content specialists who built their brand on the foundations of the socio-environmental pitfalls within the denim production and fashion industry. Slo’s mission was to provide functional, high-quality, sustainably made jeans (and other apparel) that are universally inclusive and have minimal impact on the environment.

Their work with One Tribe aimed to educate consumers on the most effective ways brands can take climate action and successfully supported Slo in their mission to build brand  awareness in preparation for their official launch date.



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The Challenge

Growing a consumer base from scratch

When joining One Tribe, Slo required an experienced sustainability team to help promote their ESG initiatives and reinforce the message they were sharing with their consumers. Having already grown their audience effectively through social media and TikTok, the team at Slo now needed to develop a successful launch campaign that would maintain their audience as well as acquire new customers while showcasing their impact using a solution that created significant and positive environmental change.


We created our first climate action campaign with One Tribe in less than a week. They were super helpful with messaging, campaign strategy and the look and feel of our campaign. Now our customers can save rainforest by buying from our Planet Protectors range, and our customers love it!

Plyska Genova PR & Marketing Manager

Koi Footwear


The Solution

Sustainability focused influencer campaign

To increase engagement for Slo’s rapidly growing social media presence, One Tribe developed a social media campaign targeting Slo’s main competitor – Good American Jeans, capitalising on the success of the company founder and influencer, Khloe Kardashian. The goal of the campaign was to generate a friendly wager, where Slo would fund the protection of 1 million trees worldwide, whilst calling forGood American to match that figure.

To maximise engagement from consumers (who were also encouraged to join the cause by signing up to Slo’s per-launch waitlist) One Tribe developed follow up, interactive social media content, that allowed audiences to either- reshare the challenge tagging Khloe Kardashian, or sign their name to a pledge acknowledging that they have sign up to the Slo waitlist and contributed towards protecting 1 million trees in support of Slo and their mission. 

The Results

Expansive waitlist and increased customer acquisition

Slo’s campaign with One Tribe saw phenomenal success, with Slo attracting a diverse range of environmentally-conscious customers spanning both millennial and Gen Z consumers.

The team achieved a high-impact and visually compelling campaign, attracting attention and achieving cut-through on busy social platforms. With a calendar of updates and supporting marketing materials, the campaign delivered significant conversion results across all channels, resulting in increased sign-ups, sales, and customer satisfaction.

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