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Koi launched their climate action campaign within 7 days with One Tribe

100% Vegan brand who are ‘putting the fun back into footwear’





Goals / Needs

Koi Footwear had the following objectives:

How did we create the campaign?

Koi created a specific range of ‘Climate Action’ products in their shop to increase sales – the Planet Protectors range!

Koi Footwear Planet Protectors
Koi Footwear social media

One Tribe provided the messaging and Koi created vibrant and animated social media posts and stories to showcase the campaign.

Each targeted product sold protects 60 square metres and 15 trees.

Koi Footwear

One Tribe provides a ‘real-time’ Climate Impact Page, which shows the live impact including Trees, Meters, acres protected and CO2 stored.

Aligning Koi Footwear with several of the United Nations Sustainability Goals

One Tribe provides a ‘real-time’ Climate Impact Tree Counter that tracks trees protected ecvery time a purchase is made. 

Koi Footwear

Case study Results

  • 229 promoted products sold in 1 week
  • 600+ likes in 24 hours on Instagram
  • Multi-channel campaign created and launched within 7 days
  • Each product protects enough rainforest to store 2.22 cubic metres of CO2

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