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Claro go green and reduce cost to acquire new customers by 33%

Claro is an ethical digital financial coach that helps you grow your money via a new investment app





Goals / Needs

Claro wanted to attract more environmentally-conscious customers while reducing social ad spend.

How did we create the campaign?

“Not only have we acquired more customers through the One Tribe campaign, but those customers have remained more engaged post-sign-up.”


Product Marketing Manager, Claro Money

Claro Money
Claro Money

Created a campaign with an objective to protect 1 million trees by end of 2021

Multi-channel social campaign across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Claro Money
Claro Money
Claro Money

Impact page launched on website, aligning brand values and UN Sustainability Goals

One Tribe provides a ‘real-time’ Climate Impact Tree Counter that tracks trees protected every time a purchase is made. 

Koi Footwear Tree Counter

Case study Results

– 229 promoted products sold in 1 week

– 600+ likes in 24 hours on Instagram

– Multi-channel campaign created and launched within 7 days

– Each product protects enough rainforest to store 2.22 cubic metres of CO2

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