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Climate Action Incentives Increase Newsletter Signups

Every new subscriber saves trees and protects the planet; instant climate action

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Newsletter conversion rate increase

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Newsletter conversion rate increase

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Connect Gravity Forms to One Tribe API and Amplify Your Cause-Related Marketing Message

Messaging such as 'Save 10 trees in the Amazon when you join our newsletter' are provided on how to use them effectively. Messaging like this can increase signups by up to 30%.

What's in it for you?

By using 'climate action incentives', Gravity Forms users can dramatically increase newsletter sign-ups. We have seen again and again that these results work for our customers. Uses popups to convert views into subscribers.

People want to take climate action now, and we provide a fun, gamified way of doing so quickly! No more need for discount incentives, this is better!

Climate Action Stats

One tribe members have protected millions of trees that reduce and store carbon from our atmosphere, helping reduce the impact of climate change

trees protected
tonnes carbon stored
acres saved
car emissions removed

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