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About Claro Money

Claro Money is a financial coaching app that specialises in green investing and sustainable finance. The app offers insights on saving and investing to help users create a financial plan, and choose products that enable them to reach their financial goals. The brand joined One Tribe with the goal to increase customer acquisition within an entirely new target audience of Gen Z clients.

Collaborating with One Tribe and using climate action incentives, the team at Claro Money were able to increase customer acquisition and engagement by 159%.

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Customer Acquisition

The Challenge

Targeting the Gen Z audience

The team at Claro Money was looking to attract more Gen Z customers to use their personal finance app, aiming to improve the financial literacy of the next generation and diversify their customer base. 

In a cluttered social media market, Claro Money needed a campaign that would gain the attention of a younger target audience, despite the noise across many social platforms. Their campaign strategy needed to deliver a simple action to incentivise potential customers to exchange their details and trial the Claro Money app. Creating a campaign with One Tribe was important to incentivise potential Claro Money customers to trial the app while understanding a market that is eager to take climate action.  

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Our One Tribe Campaign was the best-performing campaign to date. The engagement was five times higher, and the cost per conversion was 33% lower on average across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Anna Panayi

Marketing Manager, Claro Money App

The Solution

Using Gen Z interests to bolster a highly impactful campaign

To gain the attention of a huge and diverse potential audience for Claro Money, One Tribe simulated an ‘impossible figure’ campaign that was named ‘The Million Tree Challenge’. The aim was to use an extremely high, but not unachievable figure to start traction and peak interest.

Claro Money connected the One Tribe ‘protect trees’ function to all submission forms linked to Claro Money’s marketing campaign. The incentive of taking positive climate action and protecting trees was used to encourage users to protect the environment by signing up to the Claro Money campaign, granting user access to the app.

Each user that joined the list with their email was instantly rewarded with 25 trees, protected in their name, across certified conservation projects worldwide. A visual tree counter and supporting marketing materials highlighted the progress and showcased the 1 million tree milestone throughout the campaign to new customers and existing users of the Claro Money application.

The Results

Increased sign-ups and conversions

Claro Money set out to attract a new younger audience and found success in the use of climate action incentives, to attract not only a Gen Z audience but more environmentally-conscious customers. All whilst reducing ad spend on social channels.

The team achieved a high-impact and visually compelling campaign, attracting attention and achieving cut-through on busy social platforms. With a calendar of updates and supporting marketing materials, the campaign delivered significant conversion results across all channels, resulting in increased sign-ups, sales, and customer satisfaction.

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Fintech is a rapidly growing and competitive industry, ranging from many traditional banks to new neo solutions. The success of this campaign for Claro Money hinged on focusing on the wider interests of Claro Money target customers and the drivers to help them take action.

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