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Claro Money

Claro Money is a financial coaching app that offers saving and investing insights to help its users create a financial plan, and choose products that enable them to reach their financial goals.



Claro Money go green and reduce cost to acquire new customers by 33%

01.1 - Project Goals


Claro Money wanted to attract more environmentally-conscious customers while reducing ad spend for social channels.

    • Increase app sign-ups by more than 30%


    • Reduce acquisition costs by more than 20% for ad campaigns


    • Increase customer engagement both pre and post sign-up


    • Raise profile and enhance brand equity as a business for good


    • Protect 1,000,000 trees

01.1 - Project Results

Claro Money Results

    • 47% more sign-ups compared to the next-best-performing campaign


    • 33.7% reduction in cost per acquisition


    • 200% more clicks on One Tribe campaigns


    • 159% higher post engagement
    • 5x more social post saves
    • 15% higher engagement from customers post signup

Anna Panayi
Product Marketing Manager – Claro Money

We’ve started using One Tribe for all our marketing campaigns now because its been so successful

Their ‘million tree’ campaign out performed any other campaign they had run previously.

“The One Tribe Campaign was our best performing campaign to date. The engagement was five times higher and cost our per conversion was 33% lower on average across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!”

Anna Panayi

Marketing Manager, Claro Money App

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