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About Santander

International banking group Santander are expert in providing bespoke export advice to SMEs across the UK. Following their digital Navigator Portal launch, Santander’s goal has been to educate businesses on minimising, reducing, and offsetting export emissions from supply chains, manufacturing, and transportation activities.

As one of Santander’s preferred partners, One Tribe supports Santander in helping businesses to decarbonise exports using nature-based offset solutions. The team at One Tribe also provides advice and education to help SMEs reduce their environmental impact.

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The Challenge

Decarbonising Exports

The environmental implications of exporting products and goods are vast, as is the confusion around how to offset and mitigate this impact. From manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and distribution, reducing and offsetting a company’s carbon footprint can seem daunting. Many businesses feel unsure about where to start and how to progress to Net Zero.

More and more businesses also recognise their impact and the responsibility to do more to combat climate change. They are also subject to new legal requirements on ESG reporting, but finding and understanding the most effective ways to comply can be difficult.

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The partnership between Santander and One Tribe is pivotal in helping Business leaders to understand more about Carbon and enable thousands of businesses across the UK to take their first or next steps towards Net Zero.

Ric Porteus

One Tribe's CEO

The Solution

Partnering to minimise the environmental impact of exports

Santander created the Navigator platform to support UK companies with international growth needs and overcome trade-related obstacles. The Santander team partnered with One Tribe to prioritise sustainability solutions and minimise the environmental impact of exports. 

In addition to supporting businesses directly, One Tribe also provides training via a series of Carbon Education events. The events, launched in September 2022, focus on high-carbon-emitting sectors such as logistics, food and drink, retail and wholesale, and tech and media. 

The Carbon Education series includes a variety of educational blog posts, interactive webinars, and podcasts. It helps business leaders to understand the environmental impact of exporting goods and services, how to measure and offset carbon emissions, the benefits of high-grade nature-based offsets, and the steps businesses need to take to become Net Zero and Carbon Positive.

The Results

Delivering solutions to thousands of businesses

One Tribe’s Carbon Education series, including webinars, podcasts and practical guidance, has already supported thousands of businesses. The series is accessible to all Santander Navigator platform subscribers and is also promoted by the Department for International Trade advisors (DIT) and the Food and Drink Export Association to extend support to all UK businesses seeking sustainable export advice and solutions. 

One Tribe has taken hundreds of businesses through the decarbonisation process thanks to its partnership with Santander, offering a full Net Zero service that protects millions of trees and offsets complex Scope 3 emissions through high-grade nature-based carbon offsets.

At the forefront of climate action support, this partnership offers guidance for businesses to understand better how to mitigate emissions through tree protection and take the first or next steps on their journey to Net Zero.

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