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LOFT is an environmentally conscious furniture supplier, working across the residential rental sectors for over 18 years, that specialise in creating homes that people truly want to live in. Offering full service residential, interior, and furnishing solutions, LOFT aims to take the pressure away from landlords, property agents and development operators by providing customers with a wide range of service options.

Having centred their operations around a ‘people-first’ mentality that is committed to the needs of residents and local environment, LOFT recognises the importance of working sustainably and mitigating the environmental impact on the planet, adding ‘Planet First People’ to their key pillars of sustainability. The principles of sustainability refer to the three core concepts of social, environmental, and economic sustainability, which guide the company in their decisions throughout the business; from supply chain sourcing, procurement, product lifecycle, transport and delivery to their zero % landfill policy, LOFT is committed to creating a more sustainable future.

To further improve their impact, LOFT has chosen to partner with One Tribe to certify their environmental impact by contributing towards verified forest conservation projects that aim to mitigate carbon emissions and preserve complex ecosystems. Protecting over 300,000 trees so far, LOFT have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability through conservation activities, showcased this through their website tree counter, climate impact page, and carbon reduction supporting high integrity forest-based climate solutions.


United Kingdom

Company size

50 - 200


Furniture, Manufacturing

The Challenge

Enabling Customers to Purchase Sustainably

LOFT recognised that more customers were looking to purchase sustainable products and needed a solution to help demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment. They wanted to assure their customers that they were working to improve the way that their products were sourced, produced, and shipped while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Most importantly LOFT wanted to visually represent their impact with a mechanism in place to showcase the achievements they had made with the involvement of customers.

Demonstrating their ESG commitment whilst adopting several United Nations Sustainable Development goals was also important to LOFT and they needed a way to show that the company was not simply complying with basic ESG protocols but was actively incorporating effective methodologies into their operations and company culture.

Another important principle was transparency. LOFT recognised the inherent lack of transparency within their industry, particularly around sustainability. As such, LOFT was looking for an effective solution to help them demonstrate to their customers how each purchase could have a positive climate impact and connect customers to conservation projects LOFT had chose to support worldwide. 


“One Tribe has been a dream partner for LOFT. They've worked with us to provide a simple solution that was easy to integrate with our existing systems and processes. The reporting is second to none. Not only are we working with a partner who shares our values, we're able to measure the impact that our partnership is having in real time.”

Elizabeth Jackson

Marketing Director, Loft UK

The Solution

Aligning LOFT’s Sustainability Goals to Certified Environmental Projects

Getting Started - Alignment, Marketing Goals & Integration

After recognising LOFT’s strong social and environmental commitment, One Tribe set out to better understand the complexities of LOFT’s company structure, how products were sold and how they were communicating their environmental impact with their audience.

The One Tribe team identified that although there were various social activities such as tree planting days, there was a lack of momentum after these events and no continuous demonstration of their commitment to sustainability that was easily accessible by customers. The team also recognised that these types of events and activities, were limited in the number of participants and could not include all of LOFT’s customers. It was clear that LOFT required a simple solution that would enable them to take climate action that involved all of their customers, employees, and stakeholders.

The solution was even more simple than LOFT expected. Installing One Tribe’s API climate action tool, LOFT was able to integrate multiple solutions in less than 15 minutes. By installing the webhook, LOFT was able to instantly connect all purchases to tree protection quantified by a dynamic tree counter embedded on the LOFT website that showcased the number of trees customers protected with every order. With the addition of making these products now carbon neutral, each purchase offsets a certain volume of carbon emissions that couldn’t previously be phased out or reduced further.

LOFT was now able to cement their brand position as leaders in sustainability and transparently report on their environmental impact with every order, bolster their ESG credentials, and increase customer satisfaction while generating increased revenue for the business. 

Continued Customer Engagement - Purchasing Carbon Neutral Products

To maintain momentum and positioning, LOFT and One Tribe worked together to strategically place messaging throughout the company’s shopping site to re-enforce their commitment to sustainability and protecting rainforests, and to help spread awareness amongst their customers. In addition, One Tribe supported LOFT’s marketing team with powerful images from their asset gallery and provided statistics, context, and ways to share their activities with their audience in an impactful and relatable way.

Improving ESG Credentials

With a consistent approach, LOFT incorporated into their messaging the impact of their climate action, sharing this regularly with their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

LOFT also wanted to further demonstrate their ESG credentials by reporting on their ESG objectives both internally and externally. Monthly support calls were set up with One Tribe to  help the LOFT team create their reporting framework, incorporating the climate impact statistics achieved within their report, together with additional project details that helped them tell the story of their impact more effectively and demonstrate just how much was being done each month with each customer’s purchase.

The Results

Increased product sales

LOFT set out to improve the environmental footprint of their products while improving engagement with their customers. With One Tribe’s solution, the team achieved a high-impact and visually compelling impact dashboard that attracted the attention of new and existing customers and increased product sales across the site.


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