Certified Carbon Offset Marketplace

One Tribe can help you source and purchase certified voluntary carbon offsets safely and securely from the world’s leading verified project providers. We are specialists in high-grade Nature-based offsets.

Supporting certified climate action

What is included when we join?

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What is included when I join?

Fund Certified Nature Based Projects

At One Tribe we specialise funding and managing Nature Based solutions to climate change. Funding the continued protection and regeneration of forests under certified voluntary carbon market projects.

Mangrove Forest

As a part of your account, you can directly fund tree protection. Protecting trees with every sale or website action, to honour an event or as part of a business initiative. Next-levelling your impact whilst protecting endangered rainforests around the world.

Buy carbon offsets

As a part of your account, you can buy certified voluntary carbon offsets with us.  Helping you achieve carbon neutrality and certification. All offsets are certified by an industry-leading formal standard, including Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard.

As a part of your account, you can buy certified voluntary carbon credits with us.  Achieving carbon neutrality and certification, with all credits linked to a reputable carbon standard such as Verra and Gold Standard.  All of your impact will be linked to carbon offset projects that are protecting important ecosystems and forests across the planet.

Certified Voluntary Carbon Offsets

We support a range of different nature based climate avoidance projects such as forest conservation and regeneration including temperate, boreal and mangrove forest protection. All carbon offset projects are fully certified.

Your Carbon Impact Page

When purchasing carbon offsets directly through One Tribe, your business will receive a live certified carbon impact page. The page shows in real-time what carbon reductions your company has achieved and the relevant impact on the environment.
OneTribe helps deliver impactful tools and assets to showcase and share with your team and customer base to engage them in the real-time climate impact your business is actively achieving.

As part of your account you will recieve your own impact page. Which shows in real-time how much impact your business has had. It will show them how many trees you have saved, how much carbon you have stored and many acres of rainforest you have protected.  All trees saved and credits purchased will be added to your profile soon after purchase. Visually showing your customers and team the results of your climate impact.

Visualising your carbon offset purchases

At One Tribe we provide a bespoke service to help you on your company’s sustainability needs. Engaging your team and customers in your business climate action initiatives will help to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Bulk purchase certified offsets

One Tribe can help you bulk purchase large or small amounts of certified offsets at any time.

Going carbon neutral

You can buy offsets to offset your products, particular events, commercial activities for you the whole business.

Fractionalised Carbon Offsets

You can buy fracitonalised carbon offsets to neutralise low footprint products.

Live Carbon Dashboard

Your carbon offset purchases and environmental impact stats are relayed in real-time on your impact page.

Carbon confused? We make carbon offset purchases simple and fast.

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Carbon Offset Marketplace

Bulk purchase certified offsets from leading projects verified by One Tribe.