Working together as ‘One Tribe’ with the United Nations Sustainability Goals



Humanity has reached the point of no return. Climate change is arguably the most serious threat facing our planet. The threat coincides with tropical deforestation caused by ongoing and increasing CO2 emissions. It is a global challenge that requires immediate action. Collectively, as one tribe, we can make a difference.

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Avoiding further climate change will require stabilizing and ultimately reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere, which is most cost effectively done through the conservation of tropical forests and sustainability planning. One Tribe Global Ltd. (“One Tribe”) identifies the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (“UNFCCC”) as the ideal environmental policy administration with whom to partner in our effort to significantly reduce tropical deforestation. The byproduct of which would be CO2 reductions. Our solution provides an opportunity to jointly respond to tropical deforestation issues around the world and work with businesses and their customers on the implementation of national and local sustainability plans.

Many efforts are underway to raise awareness and inform policy makers about tropical deforestation and its severe impact. Few entities have been successful in their attempts. We are confident we can accomplish this goal. One Tribe will unite corporations and NGOs to establish a collective with the single-minded purpose of saving as much tropical forest as possible before it’s too late. We are currently collaborating with several entities to elevate awareness that tropical forest conservation and natural regrowth is one of the more cost-effective solutions to aid in CO2 reductions. One Tribe is focused initially on South American project sites because this region has the most attainable, inexpensive dense tropical forest available to protect.

There are some who rationalize their opposition to tropical forest conservation efforts in consideration of longstanding repression of indigenous communities in South America. Especially concerning the potential establishment of tradable carbon credits for forested land that could lead to land grabs and evictions. One Tribe, through our partnership with the UNFCCC, will exercise best efforts to address indigenous community concerns through bringing awareness and aiding in policy execution of the Bali Action Plan, which clearly defined new tropical forest sustainability procedures. Most carbon markets have never materialized, and most funding for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation Plus (“REDD+”) comes from public funds rather than the private sector.

We are confident our mission has a high probability of success. As Greta Thunberg recently stated, “hope lies in the fact that people don’t know what is going on. If we become aware, then change can happen.” That is where we come in – the delivery of “awareness” through our networking and marketing channels and partnerships.


One Tribe will make a significant global impact. For instance, on our first indigenous land project in Peru, with our partners Rainforest Trust and Center for the Development of an Indigenous Amazon (“CEDIA”), a £20 donation can protect up to five acres of Amazon rainforest in Peru and keep approximately 3,675 metric tons of carbon dioxide stored. If this land were to be burned or chopped down, the carbon released into the atmosphere would be equal to the yearly carbon dioxide released of approximately 781 U.S. cars.

The carbon Rainforest Trust secured last year alone was equal to the yearly average emission of approximately 40.1 million cars in the U.S. – almost twice as many cars as in the U.S. State of California alone. Rainforest Trust has already protected over 23 million acres and the carbon stored within. They have reduced the CO2 emissions equivalent to every passenger vehicle currently on the planet – 1.06 billion – plus 278 million more. Millions and millions more tons of carbon are stored in future project sites we’ve already identified. Together with Rainforest Trust, we will be able to conserve these intact forests forever.


One Tribe is aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Goal Number 15 ‘Partnerships for Goals by collaborating and working with global businesses, organisations, founders and CEO’s to develop marketing and customer engagement tools that engage businesses and their customers in unified climate action. This messaging and ,marketing opportunity will drive sustainable business growth and global climate action awareness at a rapid rate.

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