Win a Pair of Tree-Saving Kicks with Koi Footwear

Dan Wood

Dan Wood

Win competition vouchers with Koi Footwear

Eco-fashion powerhouse KOI footwear has teamed up with us at One Tribe to launch a brand new competition! You can bag yourself a £60 voucher to spend on whatever fully vegan, eco-friendly, and ethically produced footwear you’d like, (and there’s a lot to choose from!) While you’re saving the trees we think you should look stylish, and Koi have got you covered. 

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Sustainable footwear brand KOI has been smashing barriers not only in truly unique styles but in their ethical vision.

They believe in transparency, and every material used in their process is responsibly sourced, from the shoes right down to the packaging. KOI has a passionate in-house team that remains in Manchester today, working on trend setting designs that keep saving the planet close to its brand.

Koi Footwear

Where was KOI born? 

KOI’s roots began from humble beginnings in the ’80s in Manchester, manufacturing women’s footwear in never before seen styles, gaining them a rep in the fashion industry. 

We at One Tribe love a brand that is passionate about the planet as they are about sustainable fashion, which we chatted about earlier in the year! 

KOI is ever-evolving, and they aren’t afraid to have fun. Daring to be different has seen them strive to be the very best in ethical practices, seeing them partner up with some of the hottest names in fashion and music, “You me at Six” singer John Franceschi, YouTuber KSI. They have also worked with Black Pink, Olivia Rodrigo, and the latest artist to join their tribe, “Poppy”, to name a few. 

Being trend leaders means new styles are always on the horizon, and lucky for us (and lucky for our competition winner), KOI has released three new collections . . . 

“Poppy’s little secret” Poppy wears “Dear” Mary Janes in Blue


Fashion inspiration, artist, and genre-blurring musician Poppy have teamed up with KOI to create a line that oozes contrast. With delicate feminine pastels and hard metal spikes, this exclusive collaboration plays with the digital kawaii-punk persona’s vision in wearable art form.

Poppy’s little secret” took inspiration from Poppy’s unique art projects. Once a pink barbie dolled aesthetic, the artist is moving towards an edgy and darker vibe, seen in KOI’s daring series. The collaboration came about naturally says Poppy, already wearing KOI in a number of their videos, sustainable clothing was an ongoing love affair for the artist. 

The idea for the collection was about creating comfortable shoes for daily wear that still pack a statement. 

“Holy Cow heeled print boots” from


KOI’s “Kawaii” range translated from Japanese to English is “cute”, and they really delivered. With chunky Mary Janes and sweet as sugar pastel jellies, this range screams aesthetics. 

If you’re looking for a bold print, a military boot, or a knee-high boot this line has you covered too. Every pair is a sustainable trend leader and there’s no risk of going unnoticed when wearing something from this Instagram viral range!

We love the daisy platform boot, all cow, no leather. 

“hallucination scares Teddy bear boot” taken from Koi footwear instagram


KOI’s newest range is their “Head up in the clouds” collection. Chunky, dreamy, and looking good enough to eat this range features some KOI staples as styles but with a sugary kick. 

Mixing gothic hardcore with a little fluffiness KOI has created the ultimate style mash-up. Even their pink sliders have attitude, no teddy bears were harmed in the making of these shoes, KOI is completely cruelty-free, which means they only use faux fur.

Stand out Koi your way

Together, saving the carbon footprint one boot at a time 

So how did KOI get involved with One Tribe? After a partnership with Dean Farm, a sanctuary for rescued animals, their community members really connected with the idea of purchases for an ethical cause. 

With numerous ideas being generated by members, a common theme emerged, the Koi gang wanting the company to protect forests. Hence, One Tribe was contacted, and we jumped at the chance to welcome a new brand onto our climate action platform!

KOI’s started their tree-saving journey within 7 days of Partnering with One Tribe. Firstly installing a tree counter, protecting trees with every order, and secondly launching their “Planet Protector” range, protecting 5 mature rainforest trees with every pair purchased.

As an eco-conscious brand, we couldn’t wait to have them on board with us to combat climate change. At this precise moment of writing, their tree counter shows 60,705 precious rainforest trees protected by the KOI Gang. That’s the equivalent of about 150 tonnes of trapped and stored Co2, and it’s growing every day.

Koi Footwear in partnership with Klarna pay

Win £60 worth of KOI vouchers

Want to save the rainforest just by wearing beautiful shoes? Great! Us too. Ethical fashion starts with planet passion, and KOI has got it nailed. Right now you can win £60 worth of vouchers to spend on KOI’s newest collections.

Check our T&C’s to enter, and make sure you share a picture of yourself in your new planet protecting tree-saving kicks! Welcome to the KOI GANG. 

To read more about how fashion leaders like Koi are responding to climate change. 

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