Win a Juicy Protein-Packed Goodie Bundle from UpBeat Drinks

Dianne Castillo

Dianne Castillo

Save the trees with a Juicy win

UpBeat makes drinks made for strength, energy, and mental performance, and they have teamed up with us at One Tribe to launch a brand new competition!

By sharing your favorite summer drink, you can grab yourself some fresh protein-packed goodness in a bundle of six of their tastiest beverages!

Every gulp of UpBeat saves the trees and is specially designed for your body to stay focused and organically strong.

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Looking for a little mental punch

The sustainable workout wizards at UpBeat aren’t about powdery and milky-tasting protein shakes, they make refreshing body-building drinks for people who want to up their game.

UpBeat believes in powering bodies naturally. Making a tasty protein drink isn’t easy, and I’m sure most of us have begrudgingly swallowed mouthfuls of bland tasting clumps in order to get us through leg day.

With these guys it’s only refreshing, flavour packed, and clean whey protein juice all the way. Whether you’re looking for a little mental punch to get you through the workday or pounding it at the gym, UpBeat has the scoop.

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Why is protein so important? 

Chances are you’ve seen a food pyramid and taken for gospel that protein plays an important role in anyone’s diet, but have you ever wondered exactly why? To put it plainly, every single cell in your body contains protein. Having enough in your diet means that your body can create new cells. 

Every little repair is needed inside you and every new neural pathway needs protein to make it happen. Contrary to popular belief, protein supplements are not only for huge gym dudes (although we love those guys too), protein is essential for mental acuity as well as physical stamina. 

Protein is essential for mental acuity as well as physical stamina 

The long spidery neurons deep in our noggin are essentially made up of fat, but the way they communicate is through the proteins that they ingest. Without it, it’s a bit like writing a letter without a postbox. Every hormonal change in the body has protein to thank. 

Even the stress hormone cortisol is controlled by our diet and the proteins in our system, which is why when our diet is bad, our mind suffers. Eating a varied diet and treat protein as your new best friend, however, and you’ll be keeping your brain in top-notch condition as well as your glutes.

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Protein supplements and your workout

We get it, you want to do your workout, see maximum results, and not have to dump pound after pound of clumpy powder into a disappointing smoothie, that’s where UpBeat drinks come in! UpBeat believes you shouldn’t have to compromise delicious food and drink because of gains.

And a high protein diet isn’t just for bulking up, remember we spoke about body repairs? All of that work you do in the gym means nothing without the right building blocks behind it. 

Not only does protein reduce your appetite making you feel fuller for way longer, it actually makes you lose fat instead of muscle, making your body into a fully fuelled workout machine. It boosts your metabolism too, meaning that having the right macronutrients in your body will make you burn through food faster, digesting it and letting your body work its nutrient super absorbing magic. 

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UpBeat’s super juice collection

Be gone powder! UpBeat has developed a drink that’s rammed full of vitamins and minerals, as well as giving you that glorious protein boost to repair your cells and get that mental acuity razor sharp. Every bottle contains 12g of protein (that’s as much as two eggs), not a single grain of sugar, 7 essential vitamins, and only 59 calories. 

These juicy protein bombs come in three delicious flavours, orange and passionfruit, blueberry and raspberry, and summer lemon. 

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UpBeat’s protein powder collection

If you’re used to powders in your routine, but hate the milky dusty taste, UpBeat has the solution. Their refreshing powders contain high protein, 100mg of natural caffeine, zingy B vitamins, and only 55 calories per serve. The best part is that the fruity freshness of UpBeat is unlocked with a little water and a good shake. 

The aim of the game here is to reduce tiredness and fatigue, all the while keeping bones and muscles healthy, with just two scoops of tasty powder. You’re spoilt for choice with flavour too, choose between blueberry raspberry, mango passionfruit, and orange acerola.

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UpBeat and One tribe keeping you pumped to save the trees 

UpBeat drinks aren’t just about promoting body and mind health, they are also helping to heal the planet with One Tribe! Their journey started after becoming increasingly aware of how humans affect the planet, they were looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint when they partnered with us, and now every purchase with UpBeat saves 5 CO2 storing trees in the rainforest! 

They share our ethos of cleaning up the planet with mindful and eco-friendly purchases. No worries about landfill with these guys too, as all their products are fully recyclable, including their labels and lids! A win for the climate, and a win for your health. Did we mention that all of their products are suitable for veggies too?

Join the UpBeat Drinks revolution

Join the UpBeat revolution today!

Want to be climate positive just by getting more protein? Great! Us too. Right now you can win 6 of UpBeat’s juiciest drinks from their fresh collection, check our T’s & C’s to enter, and make sure you share a picture of yourself with your fave summer drink to your Instagram story tagging us in!

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