What Is The Goal Of Wildlife Conservation?

What is the goal of wildlife conservation
Nasir Khan

Nasir Khan

What is the goal of wildlife conservation? Conservation aims to preserve or protect wildlife species – plants, animals, flora and fauna included.


Do you know? We’ve lost around one-third of the world’s forests in the last 10 years alone.

And what’s more? We’ve lost around 900 species within the last 5 centuries and as per the IUCN red list, there are around 40,000 species currently at risk of extinction today. To give you some names of the animals that are in the list of “critically endangered”, Eastern Gorilla, Orange-bellied parrot, Javan Rhinoceros and Spiny Giant Frog are a few of them. 

Forests are home to all wild animals and plant species. The excessive cutting down of forests is one of the main reasons for the habitat loss worldwide. Other activities like poaching and material mining further contribute to the loss of wildlife and habitat. 

So having said this all, we need to put conscious efforts to conserve our wildlife before it’s too late to save it from extinction. 

What Is Wildlife Conservation and How Does It Work?

Wildlife conservation involves all kinds of efforts undertaken to preserve or protect wildlife species – plants and animals or flora and fauna – along with their habitats. This essentially includes management and restoration of wildlife species via implementation of legislation that officially aims to protect wildlife species and public lands.

There are many wildlife charities and legislations that exist to promote and conserve wildlife species through a wide array of activities that are as follows –


Animal Rescue

Wildlife charities perform the job of animal rescue operation to protect the species that come into the category of endangerment. They also provide emergency care to wildlife animals and rehabilitate or release them into the wild.

Protection- Nature Reserves 

Natural reserves protection is one of the key aims of wildlife legislation as more and more forest areas are being urbanized for human population thus decreasing a space for wildlife animals, birds and trees.

Breeding Programs

There are many animal species, like pandas, who are poor at breeding. For such mammals, many zoos and aquariums take part in captive breeding programs that act as a way to create a genetic backup of wildlife creatures.

Species Reintroduction

Another role that the wildlife organization takes part in is the Species Reintroduction into a habitat. What happens sometimes is a species becomes locally extinct but it’s present elsewhere in the world. So, to restore the biodiversity imbalance, species are reintroduced back into their natural habitat.

Raising Awareness 

Knowledge is power. And by spreading the knowledge and awareness about wildlife conservation and its importance, wildlife charities leave a far reaching impact than doing things otherwise. This is because when everyone is aware of the human impact on the planet and then they put their efforts towards sustainability, the positive results get magnified.

What Is The Goal Of Wildlife Conservation?

What is the goal of wildlife conservation

So, the ultimate goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure that the future generations or our children never ask us tomorrow why we did nothing to protect our planet’s wildlife species and its natural resources. That’s why by tackling the challenges, also considered as some of the biggest threats to our planet, namely deforestation, pollution, animal poaching and overfishing, wildlife conservation activities aim to support the survival of forest species by protecting them from endangerment and by educating clothes to become more planet conscious.

Wildlife Conservation Organizations

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As we’re now aware of some major roles and responsibilities of wildlife charities and organizations, let’s also know about some of the well known wildlife conservation organizations worldwide. 

World Wide Fund for Nature

The World Wide Fund for Nature, previously known as World Wildlife Fund, is an international non-governmental organization established in 1961 that works in six areas like food, climate, freshwater, wildlife, forests and oceans to make this planet more sustainable.

The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts is a UK-based wildlife charity organization working to protect wildlife and forest conservation. They also educate people to become more planet conscious and to work towards sustainability. 

Marine Conservation Society

Not to be confused with the MSC, The Marine Conservation Society is another UK based organization, but it specifically works to converse oceans and marine species and to create awareness about the same.

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna and Flora International operates in more than 40 countries and like all the above organizations, its aim is to conserve ecosystems and endangered species across forests and sanctuaries.

The Rainforest Trust

The Rainforest Trust is a US-based non-profit environmental organization.  They specialise in the purchase and protection of land to conserve threatened species in the nearby areas. At One Tribe we are proud to work directly with the team at Rainforest Trust to help protect trees, wildlife and land for the local indigenous communities. 

Why Is Wildlife Conservation Important?

what is wildlife conservation and why is it important
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We are no longer living in a world where communities used to live only in certain places on Earth. Now, we’ve inhabited almost every corner of the globe. Though on one hand it’s a sign of development and societal progress, it has quite the contrary effect for wildlife species. 

We’re already around 8 billion people today. As our population is still growing, it demands more food and space to occupy, which is putting pressure on our land areas and wildlife. The current scenario is that we’ve already done enough to eradicate plenty of wildlife from their natural habitats.

Save The Animals

Apart from making animals extinct and forcing them for their exodus, we are also responsible for introducing invasive or foreign species into a native habitat over the years. The result is these foreign species have destroyed or have caused a drastic imbalance into the complete ecosystem.

Another challenge that arises due to overpopulation and deforestation is that this has caused us to come closer to the wildlife species thus raising the risk of zoonotic diseases like plague and coronavirus. So, we have to draw a line that separates our habitat from the ones of wild species. 

We also need to realise that no species on this earth is no man’s island, which means we all are dependent on one another by some way or other. Complete nature or we humans can’t exist without this wide variety of colourful flora and fauna. Plants and animals are an integral part of the food cycle. Animals also play a key role in distributing seeds for the flora enabling them to act as a lifeline to the latter.

All these factors provide us with enough reasons to work towards sustainability and wildlife conservation. Without wild animals and plants, our ecosystem won’t survive and thus neither will our civilization.

Our Conversation Efforts At One Tribe

We at One Tribe are on a mission to help companies reduce their carbon footprint through forest protection projects aiming at carbon sequestration.

When any consumer buys a product from brands partnered with One Tribe,  a small donation is made on your behalf which is sent to our forest conservation partners. 

These forests absorb CO2 from our atmosphere thus allowing us to reduce your businesses carbon footprint and tackle climate change.

These forests are not only a home for a wide species of flora and fauna, but they also act as the lungs of our planet. So far, we have saved around 100,000 acres of forest land thereby protecting around 78 million trees and storing a massive 7 million tonnes of CO2.


We humans along with the wildlife that comprises a wide variety of flora and fauna are inclusive to one another. We both need each other for our existence and survival. Unfortunately, whether you say knowingly or you say unknowingly, we have done plenty of damage to our wildlife and forest resources. 

And we are also facing the consequence of our deeds in the form of global warming induced climate change. What has become a past can’t be changed but for now, the shape of the future of our planet is in our hands. 

So, we need to work towards protecting this planet by reducing our emissions into the atmosphere and conserving its plant and animal species. Because then only, we’ll be able to make this earth a better place to live in for us and for our future generations.

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