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Dan Wood

Dan Wood

Sustainble trends in business

The Tribe is not just made up of ecommerce partners and consumers that want to solve climate change whilst buying online but also contains affiliate partners. Business consultants and agencies can do good with each referral they make, whilst helping their clients to measure their carbon footprint and give back to global environmental projects. We are pleased to welcome Sustainable Business Design, a team of business consultants, who are now doing just that with one of their clients.

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The Tribe is proud to work with affiliate partners, like Sustainable Business Design

Most of the One Tribe community is made up of ecommerce businesses, and some businesses who wish to give a subscription through the year, donating directly to conservation work in the Amazon rainforest. We are proud to also have relationships with marketing agencies and business consultants, who care about the planet and offer our team a solution for business clients that want to give back to the planet. Eoin McQuone did just that, joining the community whilst referring to us, an amazing ecommerce business.

Image of Eoin and his team discussing sustainable business in their meeting room

Eoin McQuone / Sustainable Business Design 

Eoin is the M.D of Sustainable Business Design and a sustainable business consultant. His team helps with and advises businesses on how they can achieve sustainability. They deliver a blueprint for a sustainable business model using a 4-point list: 1) Audit 2) Advice 3) Strategy 4) Re-Model. With a strong business case and benefits for doing so, evidence showing that aside from the importance of making any business carbon neutral, creating less waste and so on, that there is profit growth possible by delivering such a model. 

An international study of 20,000 consumers in 2017 by Unilever found that parts of the group that had integrated sustainability into their purpose and products are growing 69% faster. And for brands delivering B2B, the team reported via a 2016 B2B Pulse Survey that 77% of decision-makers factor in sustainability and environmental performance when considering a supplier. A further 57% asked various questions on this before submitting purchasing requests for proposal.

Grow your business sustainably for Planet, People and profit

What does the team mean when asked ‘What is Sustainable business’? 

We all have different interpretations when it comes to sustainability. For the team, and for any business to truly be sustainable, they believe there are 3 key outcomes that need to be balanced: 

  1. How the business measures environmental impact (and contributes back to the wider world) 
  2. Social impacts, demonstrating how well the business and products help and support employees, customers, suppliers and the general public. 
  3. Economic results and how fairly profits were secured 

For Sustainable Business Design it’s not just about dealing with the obvious, reducing the carbon footprint, eliminating waste, reducing plastic or securing renewable packaging. But dealing with the full trifecta, to benefit the planet, people and profits. 

Sustainable business design - Helping your small business whilst improving the environment

What is Eoin and Sustainable Business Design doing with the Tribe? 

Eoin and the team wanted to be able to put in place traceability for one of his clients, whilst connecting the business to live conservation projects as a part of the client’s commitment to give back to the wider environment. First Eoin joined the Tribe via our ‘partner page’.  We chatted to him and worked out quickly that our values and goals were the same. With that done, and the team recognised ‘all official like’ as a partner, we then took on the referred client. 

By using the climate action pages we make available to all new Tribe members, Eoin would be able to track every purchase made on the eCommerce partners shop. Part of those numbers specify how much carbon is being trapped per acre of rainforest protected, so Eoin can then work out how much carbon the business was offsetting. He can then match this up to the businesses operation and annual emissions, with a target for the business to achieve in order for it to be carbon neutral, generating a specified number of eCommerce shop transactions. 

Eoin protects trees with every referral 

An added bonus for Eoin is that because of his referral he protected an acre of the rainforest without spending a penny. As will any others, Eoin is able to quickly see how much rainforest he and his clients have protected, using the reports in the climate action system we provide him. 

Indigenous woman of the Amazon rainforest

Partnerships are important to scale sustainable business practises quickly 

Much of the business world is still grappling with how it can become carbon neutral whilst giving back to the world. Most are very aware of the issues and the importance of rainforest and ocean protection and the need to improve soil quality around the world, some well on their ways to achieving full carbon neutrality. This is why it is great to see a massive groundswell of sustainable business consultancies and agencies now turning to climate action platforms like ours to help them report on and facilitate the environmental outreach many want to deliver now. 

Even we at One Tribe depend on partnerships working with non-profits who buy and hold in trust rainforest land or work with local indigenous to deliver ongoing conservation on the lands. They rely on the funds Eoin, his clients and all of our for-profit partners can make available to them, whilst they focus on securing conservation results, buying and protecting tens of millions of acres of rainforest land in the Latin American region. 

Ready to partner up? 

Thank you again Eion and Sustainable Business Design! If you represent a digital agency or a team of business consultants and feel some of your clients are ready to give back through conservation, check out our partner page. Or feel free to investigate our business tool area, seeing what we would make available to anyone you refer to us. Every partner receives a climate action page and is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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