Walls and Floors Join One Tribe To Protect Rainforests

Walls and Floors Join One Tribe To Protect Rainforests1
Bronagh Loughlin

Bronagh Loughlin

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Walls and Floors are the largest independent tile retailer in the UK. They stock more than 6,000 stylish tile designs and have been awarded one of the leading tile specialists in Britain. Besides helping their customers achieve their dream interior, the brand is also committed to sustainability.  

We are so thrilled to welcome them to the Tribe, where they will be working with us to protect the lungs of our planet. The business has already implemented an array of eco-conscious actions to reduce its carbon footprint including supplying more eco-conscious materials and advising customers on more sustainable interior choices. 

Continue reading to learn about how they came into being and how they have effortlessly actioned sustainability in business.

Adding Sustainable Products to Their Line

Outside garden area with sustainable tiles and plants
photo credit: Walls and Floors

Like lots of other businesses that are a part of One tribe, Walls and Floors is working to strike a balance between profit and purpose. 

As a result, they have implemented lots of sustainable practices in their business to reduce their carbon footprint. The company is also committed to educating its customers about how they can source eco-conscious tiles for a more environmentally-friendly home. 

They do a lot of this education over on their blog, where they teach customers about what to look for when shopping for environmentally-friendly tiles. Moreover, Walls and Floors have several sustainable tiles on their website. For example, their Yuri 90% Recycled Tiles are made of 90% recycled raw materials, minerals and water. The tiles are created with a planet-friendly manufacturing process with zero compromise on the finish and quality. 

These tiles are available in two different sizes and have an R10 anti-slip surface. They are suitable for any area in the home and are aesthetically beautiful, giving off a raw industrial feel. Walls and Floors are exclusive retailers of these tiles. The company also educates their customers on how to select eco-friendly tiles. In addition to these sustainable tiles, the brand is committed to stocking tiles that have good longevity.

How Are Walls and Floors Creating a Sustainable Brand?

sustainable kitchen with mottled grey hexagon wall tiles from walls and floors
photo credit: Walls and Floors

Walls and Floors believe tiles shouldn’t comprise the health of our planet. They are doing lots of other actions to ensure they are offering a product that has less of an impact on the Earth. For one thing, the business is ensuring its products have a long life cycle. 

As we know, one way to determine whether a product is sustainable is its longevity. Tiles that last a long time reduce money, time, and resources spent on manufacturing, extracting raw materials, installation, demolition, transportation, and disposal requirements. Walls and Floors stock mainly porcelain and ceramic tiles to ensure they are providing customers with long-lasting products. 

In addition, the business is committed to ensuring its products pose no threats to human and animal health. Indoor air quality has become a topic of discussion because volatile organic compounds have been found to contribute to a range of health concerns. 

Therefore, sustainable tiles must take the health of humans, animals, and the planet into account. Walls and Floors use high-performance grouts and adhesives, so finished walls and floors can inhibit the growth of fungus, mildew, and mould. They understand the importance of sourcing tiles from like-minded factories. For tiles to be sustainable, they should be sourced from factories that have environmental policies in place. Walls and Floors source their tiles from modern state-of-the-art factories which adhere to eco-friendly and sustainable policies. 

Some of these policies include using recycled ceramics in the production process, manufacturers generating their own energy, and using recycled card for their boxes. In addition to the above efforts, Walls and Floors work to reduce their transport where possible. The brand sources its products from Europe and the UK, while a lot of other suppliers source from the Far South and East America. This means they are reducing their transport footprint significantly.

Joining OneTribe to Protect Trees

Walls and floors one tribe

To add to its current portfolio of sustainability efforts, Walls and Floors have now partnered with us at One Tribe. They will be collaborating with us to protect rainforests with every purchase made on their website. Helping to protect endangered rainforests.

This means when customers buy tiles from their e-commerce store, a portion of the sale will go to projects by indigenous communities. We connect the business directly to rainforest protection charities so that each sale can directly donate and protect rainforests and indigenous tribes.

These charities fund on-the-ground projects to protect and save the land. Through this, their customers can also be part of the solution while the brand reduces its carbon footprint and takes action. 

Some of these projects include stopping deforestation, protecting various forests, and saving indigenous lands. With the partnership, they are participating in the United Nations Framework for Climate Change to adopt the UN sustainability goals. 

They are a true climate action hero, already saving 30,135 trees and counting! Their climate action stats are fully transparent and can be viewed on the One Tribe website here.


We are very excited to have an innovative business like Walls and Floors join One Tribe. They are taking it on themselves to implement essential sustainable practices that will make a difference. Any business looking to create an environmentally-conscious brand should look to this business for inspiration. 

Their efforts show that it is much easier to make the switch than a lot of businesses might think. What’s more, you don’t have to compromise on profit. Instead, you can use sustainability as an opportunity to make your processes more efficient! It is so important that more businesses make climate a priority and do their part to protect the planet. 

For more on how you can use your business to have an impact, read about our partnership programme. We’d love to hear from you and help you use your business for good!

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