Use Your Email Newsletters to Win Repeat Customers

Dan Wood

Dan Wood

use email newsletters to win repeat customers

“Reimagined consumers will abandon brands that don’t support their new values—and pay more to those that do.” (Accenture, 2021)

Do email newsletters and email marketing have a place in the sales funnels of tomorrow? Many are saying that email has not only found its footing but it’s cemented a place in omnichannel marketing with its mighty ROI and conversion rates.

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Consulting giant Accenture recently published a report that looked at consumer trends and preferences during and after the pandemic. They found “a full 50% of consumers say that the pandemic caused them to rethink their personal purpose and re-evaluate what’s important to them in life. Forty-two per cent say the pandemic made them realize they need to focus on others more than themselves.” 

What better way to share the story of what your brand strives to be than in ongoing email communications that lead to actionable proof points on social media or your website.

Email is not just holding on but thriving

Email marketing has been prematurely buried, according to most marketers and brands. Its continued relevance is grabbing the attention of marketers and brand leaders as a viable source of engaging with an audience and dispersing relevant information. Here are three reasons email newsletters continue to lead the action in the marketing funnel: 

Gung Ho - Capturing newsletters whilst connecting the sign up to One Tribe

1) Online shops are having a heyday

With online shopping on the rise like never before, consumers are giving their email for follow-up communication and to have a first glance at specials. Oberlo cited the number of digital buyers in 2021 at 2.14 billion, making one out of every four people on Earth an online shopper. 

“As it stands in 2021, the number of digital buyers is at 2.14 billion. That makes 27.6%of the 7.74 billion people in the world. In other words, more than one out of every four people you see around you is an online shopper.” (

2) Email newsletters are growing and often the preferred

With more than 4 billion email users worldwide, a 2021 report by Statista found that email use is increasing and is expected to rise to 4.48 billion in 2024. According to the University of British Columbia, the average user checks their email around 15 times each day. In the 2021 Campaign Monitor survey, data found that people in the United States check their emails almost a dozen times. In the survey, those that checked frequently (50%) stated that they preferred email communications over others. With the integration of instant messaging on phones, email is only expected to rise.

Not another state of marketing report - Full credit to Hubspot 2020 and Inveniv
Full credit to Hubspot 2020 and Inveniv

3) The numbers prove email newsletters ROI

In the “Not Another State of Marketing“ report, published in 2020, email marketing came out on top in just about every way. The report cited that “78% of marketers have seen an increase in (email) engagement over the last 12 months.” A recent Oberlo report cited, “for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $32” in ROI, and that conversion rates were higher than social media, direct traffic, and search. In fact, according to email newsletter powerhouse Emma, “59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI,” offering a better way to measure repeat customers and understand the impact of each communication.

“EmailToolTesters recently compiled a study of the most current email-marketing strategies and trends based on data from Techjury, Statista, Content Marketing Institute, SaleCycle, Blog HubSpot, Klaviyo, Campaign MonitorGetResponse, and Constant Contact. … The study found that the email channel still has a massive reach, with 4.3 billion people using email and more than 361.6 billion emails flitting around every day. The study showed that email-marketing ROI is currently calculated to be 4,400%, or about $44 return on every dollar you spend in your marketing campaign.” (

Abondoned cart recovery email - Example and best practises - Adoric
Full credit - Adoric

What’s next for email marketing and email newsletters

As brands look into funnelling their omnichannel communications to better capture leads from digital advertising, web, and traditional media, email newsletters remain a powerful platform to gain attention and lead conversion. In a July 2021 report from PC Magazine, it found that 50% of respondents purchased from marketing emails (at least once per month), and even more important, “abandoned cart emails have 3x the conversion rate than automated emails.” Not just emailing is important, but knowing how to use the tool can create far more success. 

Did you know?

One Tribe plugs into your eCommerce store, ensuring that every sale or signup reduces and offsets carbon by protecting the rainforest, offering you the ability to capture attention by sharing how each purchase makes the world better. Find out more.

As we look to the landscape for 2022 (and beyond), it’s important to understand where customers are purchasing and where their behaviour is expected to change. Forrester predicted in its October 2021 report that consumers would prioritize comfort, wanting to leave the weariness of the pandemic behind. It found:

“Since the start of COVID-19, 49% of UK and over 60% of US online adults started making online transactions for the first time; 35% of UK and 44% of US consumers upgraded their in-home technology. Even consumers who were once considered to be digital holdouts anticipate continuing the online behaviours they picked up during the pandemic.”

Do brands make it easier or harder for you to be environmentally freindly or ethical in your daily life - Full credit to Forbes
Full credit to Forbes

Consumers want a reprieve:

Consumer demand for brands that deliver instant happiness and comfort will propel category growth. In 2022, consumers will turn to uplifting, pleasing products and experiences that offer a reprieve from the fatigue of ongoing uncertainty. (Forrester, 2021)

They want variety and meaning in their online experience:

Device-enabled mobility will signal the new status symbol. While 50% of U.S. consumers prepare to spend much more of their spare time at home over the next year than they did before the pandemic, consumers are also desperate for variety and movement. (Forrester, 2021)

Consumers want a better experience

Knowing that consumers want more choice, more meaning, and a better experience, it’s the perfect time to address your marketing strategy and align with a cause that most believe in. A Reuters Institute and University of Oxford report found that “On average, across all markets, around 69% of respondents stated that they consider climate change to be an extremely or very serious problem.” The trend also resonates with consumers purchasing online.

Consumers demand environmental action from brands - Full credit to Engage CX Marketing
Full credit to Engage CX Marketing

IBM Insights 

IBM shared in 2020 that two different types of consumers are leading with their values and intention. Both value-driven consumers (41% of those surveyed) and purpose-driven consumers (40% of those surveyed) looked to brands that led with sustainability and values, making it even more important to capture attention and foster relationships that are cohesive to what consumers truly want. 

“A Deutsche Bank report revealed that companies that experienced positive press regarding climate change saw share price outperformance of 26% per year over the MSCI World index.” (IBM)

Partnerships that focus on sustainability lead the way

“92% of customers want to support brands taking positive climate action.” (Forbes Media) 

With One Tribe Global’s unique partnership, every product on your site can protect the rainforest, storing and removing carbon from the atmosphere up to almost 3900 kilos each year with every $1 spent. That’s 73% more carbon stored—all thanks to the purchases from consumers on our partner sites. 

Our mission to protect one million trees - Claro Money

Claro Money reduced costs and acquired new customers by 33% while protecting 1,000,000 trees.  See our success story here. 

With customers looking to align with businesses that share their values, our partners have seen a 236.058% increase in return customers, from 20.8% to 69.9%, simply by integrating our carbon footprint platform into their messaging.

You can become carbon neutral now . . . 

What’s even better? With our four-step process, consumers can engage in real-time watching the carbon reduction on the website and tree counter grow while supporting the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

And start winning repeat sales

From email newsletter signup to order confirmation, reminding purchasers that their action-created good is a powerful way to build trust, deepen relationships, and offer an authentic and sustainable alternative to other brands, all while delivering ROI that boosts the bottom line.

In fact, our research found that partners had an almost 11% higher conversion rate and almost 30% higher email signups when our messaging was live. Most importantly, we found that the average order value increased by 23%, making a partnership with One Tribe Global an instant ROI-builder. 

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