The Top 10 Sustainability Campaigns Of All Time

Top 10 Sustainability Campaigns of all time
Daniel Kellom

Daniel Kellom

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Many companies and organizations have embarked on ambitious campaigns to push the importance of climate change issues. Some have been more successful than others, but the important thing to  remember is that we must continue to protect our planet from pending problems. Here are 10 of the best sustainability campaigns that marketed sustainability the right way.

1) Hyundai – “Your Turn, Elon”

your turn elon hyundai sustainability campaign
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Figurative shots were fired at Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk when Hyundai put up a gigantic  sign outside of the Geneva Motor Show to advertise its newest subcompact electric SUV. The  poster displayed an image of the vehicle with the phrase “Your turn, Elon” above it. 

Musk  has been outspoken about traditional automotive companies in the past, which led Hyundai to  call him out directly. “Hyundai’s ad is intended to highlight the fact that some companies — including Hyundai — are bringing real solutions to the market, while others are just talking  about them,” the company said to USA TODAY. 

2) KIA – Superbowl Commercial, 2017

Super Bowl commercials have been some of the most viewed content in media for years. In  2017 for Super Bowl 51, Melissa McCarthy appeared in a commercial for the KIA Niro, a  fuel-efficient crossover vehicle. She is thrown through the wringer in the ad by trying to save  the whales, the trees, the ice caps, and the rhinos, with all of these endeavors ending with a  painful but hilarious conclusion.

3) Sea Shepherd

the plastic you use once tortures the oceans forever sea campaign
photo credit: Sea Shepherd

The non-profit organization partnered with Tribal Worldwide Brazil and DDB Guatemala in  2019 to launch a campaign that fought against the pollution of plastic in our oceans. The  provocative posters they released showed different marine animals with a plastic bag over  their heads that read, “The plastic you use once tortures the oceans forever.” – A hard hitting but accurate summary of the way we treat oceans. 

4) Ikea Commercial

Mother London created an ominous commercial spot for Ikea which showed a massive  meteor of garbage hurling towards Earth. Meanwhile, we hear a news anchor on a television  saying that we must act now if we want to save our planet. When the characters in the  commercial begin using Ikea’s reusable items, the meteor disintegrates and disappears.

5) Carlsberg Brewery

photo credit: Carlberg

The Denmark-based brewing company recently committed to zero carbon emissions at all of  their locations by 2030. To help make this happen, they developed the world’s first paper  beer bottle made from wood fibers. Both of the prototypes for the beer bottle are both bio-

based and fully recyclable. Carlsberg has also vowed to use less water at their sites and  discover different methods of distribution, such as their plastic-reducing Snap Packs of beer. 

6) Lacoste – “Save Our Species”

lacoste save our species sustainable campaign
photo credit: Lacoste

In 2018, the French clothing line announced their “Save Our Species” campaign, in which  they temporarily replaced their iconic crocodile logo with images of ten endangered species  to raise awareness about their impending extinction. After the shirts were released during  Paris Fashion Week, they quickly sold out. Since the company was founded in 1936, Lacoste  had never sold their shirts without the crocodile logo. Something that made this campaign one of the most iconic switch-ups.

7) Pokémon Go – Earth Day Clean-Up

pokemon go earth day sustainability campaign
photo credit: Niantic

Niantic – the developer of the popular game “Pokémon Go”- asked players and various  organizations to help them clean up the planet for Earth Day in 2019. The results were  amazing, with 46 organizations in 41 countries as well as 17,000 players coming together to  clean up 145 tons of trash. By helping Niantic with this initiative, players were rewarded with  different bonuses for their trainers in the game.

8) Levi’s – “Buy Better, Wear Longer”

levis buy better wear longer sustainability campaign
photo credit: Niantic

The iconic denim company launched the “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign to combat the  negative consequences of fashion production and overconsumption. They recruited six  celebrities to encourage consumers to make changes in their purchasing habits. Brand  president Jen Sey summed up the campaign’s ethos perfectly, saying: “Ultimately, Levi’s denim is meant to be worn for generations, not  seasons.”

9) Patagonia – “Don’t Buy This Jacket” Advertisement

patagonia dont buy this jacket sustainable campaign
photo credit: Niantic

In 2011 for Black Friday, Patagonia published an ad in The New York Times urging people not to buy their jacket. This was part of their Common Threads Initiative, which was meant  to inspire consumers to not buy so many of their high-quality products. They also claimed  that it takes about 36 gallons of water to produce the jacket shown in the ad and that it emits  20 pounds of carbon dioxide. The campaign succeeded in raising awareness about a problem  that is getting worse. 

10) Various WWF Advertisements

wwf leopard size tags campaign
photo credit: Niantic

Over the years, the World Wide Fund for Nature have released both creative and provocative ads to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. Among the posters are one of a mother leopard and her cub walking with a size tag attached to them. Another one is a human baby crawling  with a turtle shell on his back with the caption, “Imagine this is yours.” Their marketing  campaigns have catapulted them into becoming one of the largest environmental  organizations on the planet.


Many more companies will hopefully draw inspiration from these sustainability campaigns  and create their own unique initiative. A big part of the future for our planet relies on our  spending and consuming habits, so it’s time to start somewhere. Check out One Tribe brands who are working to protect the planet and minimize the carbon footprint of their e-commerce stores. Start shopping sustainably and protect the planet today.

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