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Hello, and welcome to One Tribe. We hope you enjoy reading our first blog and the backstory on where we came from. It started in a desert which led to the rainforest on a wild bike ride in the dust.

The concept was founded by a global-based team of entrepreneurs, scientists, and technology experts who are dedicated to helping businesses and their customers fight climate change by protecting and regenerating rainforests that stores and sequesters CO2 from our atmosphere. 

The co-founders Ric Porteus and Thomas Murray met at the infamous Burning Man Arts Festival in the Nevada Desert in 2014. At the time Ric Porteus was a Director of the world most iconic nightlife and entertainment brand the Pacha Group based in Ibiza Spain, he was developing and building a global event marketing and ticketing platform and was in search of a solution to incentivise ticket purchasers to make charitable donations during the checkout process. Having randomly just met Tom Murray riding their bikes in the middle of a dust storm in the Nevada Desert they started a conversation and a spark of creativity was created out there in the dust!

Tom who was a Co-Founder of a rainforest conservation organisation focused on protecting threatened rainforest by attaching meters of rainforest to apparel wear. He had spent the past decade working with rainforest protection and regeneration projects. As serendipity would have it, their minds raced with ideas, and when back in the default world they stayed in contact to further expand on this initial concept. Several years later, they were discussing the challenges of climate change and how to tackle them in a meaningful way. They were frustrated at the speed at which charitable donations were able to drive change, and agreed to find a better solution together. Knowing first hand the power and creativity of music events and festivals and harnessing their networks and friends in the music and event industry they kick-started a project that collects donations when tickets to a festival or club event are purchased. This was phenomenally successful and over 200 events globally took part in the initiative.

They designed a solution that solved three problems at the same time – the need to fight climate change by protecting endangered rainforest at scale; the need for brands to find a way to engage their customers in a more meaningful way; a much needed resource for consumers wanting to drive positive change by making conscious choices.
There was still one thing missing – they needed to find the gold standard in Rainforest Protection and after a lengthy process they partnered with Rainforest Trust. Rainforest Trust runs projects globally and has, to date, saved 23 million acres of endangered rainforest since 1988, protecting 1.28 billion trees in the process. 100% of the donations which go to Rainforest Trust go directly to fund on the ground projects as a benefactor covers all of their administration costs, and every $ is matched to double its impact. With the Rainforest Trust and working with businesses in accordance with the United Nations Framework For Climate change initiatives, One Tribe is on a mission to deliver sustainable growth for businesses via the world’s first climate action platform, empowering consumers to take action and see an immediate impact.

One Tribe’s conservation partners have already protected 1.2billion trees and an area the size of the England,  20 million acres of rainforest. This is only the beginning and together one tribe expects to save millions of acres over the coming years.

The time to join as one tribe is here, if not us, then who, if not now then when?

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