5 Best Eco-Friendly Business Cards For 2022

Eco-friendly Business Cards 2022 (2)
Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

Think business cards are old news? These 5 eco-friendly business cards prove otherwise… Recycled, plantable and perfect for brands looking for that personal touch.

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Train tickets, bank cards and receipts are now being shifted into a new-wave ‘digital’ wallet in an attempt to reduce our paper consumption (and waste). Companies are behind the times if they aren’t considering how to obtain the most eco-conscious business cards and services. 

Now, we’re not saying that business cards should be abolished completely. There’s something both analogue and swish about having contact details in a tangible, pocket-sized form. But have you considered how these business cards can turn from a question mark against your eco-friendliness, to an exclamation of it? 

Take a look at examples of the five best eco-friendly business cards below!

The Best Eco-Friendly Business Cards In 2022

1) Wolf & Ink

wolf and ink eco friendly business cards 100 percent recycled
photo credit: Wolf and Ink

Who said eco-friendly can’t be sexy? Certainly not the gang at Wolf & Ink. All of their eco-friendly business cards are made from 100% recycled, tree-free paper. With a natural uncoated finish and 25 colours to choose from, it’s almost impossible not to find something to fit your brand style.

2) Botanical Paperworks

botanical paperworks eco friendly business cards replantable business cards
photo credit: Botanical Paperworks

How can you get one of the best eco-friendly business cards money can buy? Buy one that will keep on giving even after it’s been used. 

And we don’t mean throw it into the recycling bin, we mean throw it into the ground – and watch it regrow! These eco-friendly business cards from Botanical Paperworks are plantable – in that when clients have finished using your details, they can grow your business card into a plant. What better way to remind them of your company and its values? Your new business cards are about to become all the rage!

3) The Foil Printing Co.

When we say eco-friendly business cards, we’re not necessarily talking cereal-box, flimsy papery cards. We’re talking The Foil Printing Company metallic, foil, recycled business cards. These cards are created from 100% recycled card, and make the perfect talking point for forward-thinking organisations ready to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Plus, they are far funkier than the traditional throwaway style – they are the business cards of the future.

4) Trade Print

Eco friendly business cards from Trade Print
photo credit: Tradeprint

Next on the list of eco-friendly business cards is these recycled business cards (or loyalty cards- we’re inclusive!) from Trade Print. Super easy to use, the website allows you to browse a wide variety of recyclable card products including leaflets, flyers, and PVC-free banners.

5) Solopress Green

Eco-friendly business cards from Solopress Green
photo credit: Solopress Green

Eco-friendly business cards from Solopress Green not only demonstrate how you are championing your sustainable values, but their production actively protects the environment too. 

Their cards are printed locally in the UK, and the carbon produced during manufacturing is offset by investment in climate protection schemes and projects. And it goes without saying that the card itself is both recycled and recyclable.


There we have it. 5 eco-friendly business cards that, rather than being an annoying expense in your business, become both a talking-point and representation of your eco-conscious brand values!

For more information on how you can start to improve your businesses carbon footprint visit the One Tribe Carbon Page.

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