Thank You for Tackling Climate Change With Us in 2021

Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

Tying up this year, 2021 has resulted in an incredible feat for climate change filled with both highs and lows. Tackling climate change has never been harder. With modern developments and consumerism taking over, the team at One Tribe are proud to be working with brands who have fought back against climate change despite the struggles. Collectively they have protected an amazing 10.8 million trees in the Amazon Rainforest.

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Thank you to our food & drinks brands

sustainable gift ideas from karma drinks range of ethical sodas
photo credit: fair&good

Karma Drinks

Karma Drinks breathe sustainability into the life and soul of their brand. The release of their drink “too damn hot” was inspired by the Paris Agreements treaty to keep the planet at a global temperature of 1.5 degrees in order to cease global warming. With every purchase, they’re giving people the power to do something about saving the planet.  


skull crusher coffee bag of coffee beans
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Skull Crusher coffee

Many of us are aware a great cup of coffee comes from the worlds best coffee producers including the likes of Ethiopia, Colombia and yes, Brazil. With roots so close to home, we were thrilled to start working with plant saving coffee brand Skull Crusher. Sustainable coffee beans that save the planet is what makes the dream work. And with different bags of their famous ‘skull crushing’ blend, you can start protecting the planet with every brew. As of the end of this year, the team have protected 225,000 trees and counting.


chocchick cocoa products
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Choc Chick

Joining us at the end of 2021, chocolate brand Choc Chick were never shy about their efforts towards saving the planet. South American native Galia Orme founded the brand, stressing the importance of working with native cacao farmers and prompting social justice. Their range of cacao butters, powders, and snacks deserve a spot in your home, as each purchase protects trees in the Amazon Rainforest. We are so glad to have developed a great friendship with Galia, helping one another at tackling climate change.


Thank you to our health & wellness brands

vitamins and minerals
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Swisse Me

2021 has been turbulent with the likes of Covid-19, but SwisseMe are one of the amazing brands out there helping to keep health at the forefront of our wellbeing. Purchasing their range of wellness gummies, vitamins, and boosters contributes not only to your own health, but the health of the Amazon rainforests delicate eco-systems. Derived from plant science and sourced from nature, Swisse Me is the perfect gift to both you and the planet. So far the team have protected 330,000 trees and stored 60,000 tonnes of carbon. 

sustainable gift ideas nuzest clean lean protein
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Nuzest are star-studded pioneers in sustainable wellness. Their plant-based protein powders complete with essential amino acids have become a rioting hit in a world where gym powers are typically made from animal-based whey. Their efforts to go against the grain and show the world that plant-based protein not only works, but is also healthier for the planet built a bond between our brands to keep pushing boundaries. 


Thank you to our fashion brands

koi footwear black ankle boots
photo credit: Koi Footwear

Koi Footwear

For the fashion-forward and eco-conscious you won’t get better buying satisfaction than shopping at Koi footwear. Their audacious shoes are made from 100% vegan leather with a cruelty-free ethic at the epicentre of every piece. The brand are totally transparent about all micro-areas of their efforts to be sustainable. Openly discussing their production in China like many other fast-fashion tycoons, but stressing that similar practice doesn’t promote similar actions. They have a planet protector range that saves trees with us here at One Tribe every time you buy! So far the team have protected 230,000 trees and stored 50,000 tonnes of Co2. 

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Traffic People

Born in the heart of London in Portobello road, Traffic People are perfect for people that love fashion but also want to protect the planet. Timeless designs meet planet-friendly fabrics to create a beautiful range that can save trees with every purchase. So far the team have protected 80,000 trees and stored over 7500 tonnes of carbon. 



Thank you to our lifestyle brands

sustainable gift ideas from panda london cloud duvet
photo credit: pandalondon

Panda London

A good night’s sleep is priceless. Panda London makes the very best in mattresses, toppers, and pillows made from the most planet-friendly fibre in the world- bamboo. The comfort centric brand also makes sustainable home wears like towels, rugs, and blankets. So if you’re searching for sustainable fabrics to start infusing into your night time routine, you need to give this bedding a try. Panda London have protected 300,00 trees and stored over 50,000 tonnes of carbon, and we’re excited to watch numbers growing alongside their organic bamboo farms.

woman sleeping under grey weighted blanket
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Mela comfort

What’s better when you’re a little under the weather than snuggling up with your favourite blanket? Mela comfort design weighted blankets, that are as sustainable as they are comfortable. Tackling climate change with every purchase, one blanket can save 5 trees in the Amazon Rainforest.


Thank you to our accessory brands

sustainable gift ideas watchgecko watches
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Watch Gecko

Watch Gecko makes the world’s more incredible watches from super sustainable materials. The expertly crafted watches are made to last a lifetime while simultaneously saving the planet and avoiding waste materials.  So far the team have been tackling climate change dramatically, having saved 400,000 trees and stored over 50,000 tonnes of carbon.

woman wearing pala eyewear glasses
photo credit: Pala Eyewear

Pala eyewear

Pala eyewear is a revolutionary brand that uses recycled and broken glasses to make stunning specs. Every material is eco-friendly, without forgetting that recycled can mean chic. The team actively work with charities to make sure everyone across the world has access to good eye care. This year, they partnered with us to protect 10,000 trees and store 5,000 tonnes of carbon. Alongside all their other efforts to tackle climate change, we’re super proud of what the team has achieved.


Thank you to our financial partners

Nathaniel Mortazavi, Ben Hewitt, Jack Morgan, and Josh Mortazavi taken from Our Team page
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Apogee Associates

Apogee Associates are using R and D tax credits to save the planet.  With every R&D tax credit, Apogee uses 5% of their income to help reduce their carbon, making money green again. Apogee joined us this year because of their ecologically focused mindset and sustainable work. With over 500 tax credit applications with a 100% success rate, they prove that with stellar service and a sustainable mindset, tackling climate change is possible.

Claro and One Tribe together on the app, the image showing several smart phones in the background with a red hue
photo credit: Claro Money

Claro Money

Claro Money is an ethical finance coach, who set out to help consumers use their money to make a positive difference in the world. Sharing knowledge on saving and investing ethically is what intrigued us to work alongside the team and we are monumentally proud to announce that in just one year, the team have protected 1 MILLION TREES!


2021 has been a huge year for us at One Tribe. We have had a huge number of brands join us and this year alone saved a total of 10.8 million trees, stored 2.5 million tonnes of carbon, and protected 25,000 acres of Rainforest. With tree’s being protected across the globe, we are able to rapidly reverse the effects of climate change. Stopping tree’s from being illegally logged and deforested preserves natural ecosystems that have developed over thousands of years, stores greater amounts of CO2 compared to recently planted trees, and protects indigenous communities who struggle to be heard.  

All of the brands mentioned work with us to protect trees with purchase made via their online stores or sales invoices. Together we work to protect areas of the Amazon Rainforest and it’s delicate ecosystems from deforestation and habitat loss.

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