Sustainable Menswear Brand Blake Hedley Joins One Tribe

Billie Gold

Billie Gold

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Sustainable Menswear brand Blake Hedley has teamed up with us here at One Tribe, making the very best in eco-friendly artisan jackets, keeping their customers warm and not the planet!

Environmentally speaking the most eco-friendly way to shop is to go for the long haul. Quality products with a traceable marketing line are increasingly beating out cheap fast fashion and sustainable menswear brand Blake Hedley is leading the way with stunning outerwear.

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Blake Hedley jackets are made to last a lifetime, and with that comes enormous knowledge of their craft, and every single step that goes into making their pieces. Their motto is Luxury Jackets, honestly priced, and with artisan makers that are second to none, you won’t find any fast fashion here. Eco-friendly materials meet skins of the highest quality, all made by hand.

Quality sustainable menswear over cheap fashion “must-haves”

The main problem with raising livestock for food and leather is that it takes an enormous amount of land and resources, especially if companies are doing it on the cheap. Livestock pollution en masse is a huge recognised threat by the EPA to our waterways, as well as the rearing of animals requiring vast quantities of pastureland.

70% of the Amazon has been cleared for the sole purpose of raising livestock and growing feed crops resulting in habitat loss, ecosystem destruction and less carbon being stored by the rainforest’s trees. A frightening statistic when you consider the obsession that the consumer market has with changing out closets with every season, more and more demand is being put on our natural world for items of clothing that will soon be dumped in landfills in half the time it took to raise the cow that it came from. 

However, we still need high-quality eco-friendly clothing that lasts. This is where sustainable menswear designer Blake Hedley comes in! Pioneers in the sustainable fabric and clothing industry, know exactly where the material that makes their exquisite jackets came from, and make sure every jacket is made to last an entire lifetime. Care and consideration are put into each piece, and with limited runs of each design, there are no fabrics going to waste, and every piece is unique to the wearer.

Image of Blake Hedley range - No. 1
photo credit: Blake Hedley

Why it’s important to source materials properly 

Much of the time high street fashion giants wouldn’t have a clue where their fabrics came from if you went in and asked them in the store. With multiple factories all over the world and an untraceable import line, being eco friendly falls by the wayside in lieu of cheap cost-cutting operations.

And knowing where your fabric is coming from is important, not just for the sake of trees, but also for the protection of workers rights, local ecosystems, and shipping pollution. 

Most leather produced in the US for example is chrome tanned, all wastes containing chromium are considered toxic by the EPA. 

Being a sustainable menswear brand like Blake Hedley means that they have full knowledge and responsibility when it comes to where their fabrics are imported from, and who made their designs. One of the most eco-friendly practices in fashion is to use local makers who have a strong relationship with the brand.

Blake Hedley uses small independent factories and mills, cutting down massively on their environmental impact with regards to shipping and fossil fuels. And they use only the best artisans to create their lifelong wear pieces, ensuring that only incredibly skilled masters are making their limited runs.

Image of Blake Hedley range - No. 2
photo credit: Blake Hedley

Fashion-forward and eco-friendly 

To add to their impressive repertoire of sustainability, Blake Hedley’s manufacturers are mostly within the EU, including some here in the UK and in Italy. The very definition of eco-friendly materials is a transparent manufacturing line, and like their jackets, these guys have got it down to fine art.

No one says you have to love leather to own one of their timeless pieces either, using sustainable fabric suppliers they have created a timeless line of non-leather designs including wool coats with full traceability and made in London, and cotton shirts with corozo buttons from a UK supplier.

Being a sustainable menswear brand means thinking of everything from an ethical standpoint whilst maintaining high quality, luxury slow fashion. And with brands like Blake Hedley maintaining such a high standard of care for the planet and customers alike, the fashion market is quickly moving towards a sustainable future.

Image of Blake Hedley range - No. 3
photo credit: Blake Hedley

What one tribe and Blake Hedley are doing and conclude 

With clothing companies having such a link to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, Blake Hedley sought out to be a beacon for sustainability by teaming up with us here at One Tribe. Fighting to stop tropical deforestation, every single purchase with them protects 5 mature trees in the rainforest, meaning that this luxury brand helps to stop climate change every single day!

So far they’ve saved 3,225 trees and they aren’t done yet. We are thrilled to be working with an eco-conscious brand like Blake Hedley, together with them and other brands we’ll continue saving trees and protecting indigenous land rights. 

If you’ve not had your fill of eco-conscious brands why not check out some of our other brand partners here to read more excellent work done by the fashion community. And if you are ready to join amazing brands like Blake Hedley, check out our sustainable eCommerce tools. 

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