13 Sustainable Gift Ideas Everyone will Love this Christmas

Billie Gold

Billie Gold

sustainable gift wrapping
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In the words of Slade, It’s Christmaaaaaaaaaaaas! And Christmas shopping is in full swing, or if you’re like us here at One Tribe, we haven’t even started (gulp). With shiny Christmas lights and special deals everywhere, it can be hard to know where to look for sustainable Christmas gifts. But never fear, gone are the days of plastic novelty gifts that get put in the back of a cupboard or worse, landfill by January! We’ve got 13 sustainable gift ideas perfect for eco-conscious friends, family, that special someone, and even that pesky secret Santa.

Behold One Tribe’s ultimate guide of sustainable gift ideas…

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We all know that shopping local and from eco-friendly stores is one huge way to reduce festive waste. But where does one start? Often online stores will be separated by gifts for him and gifts for her, but what about getting a little specific? Sustainable Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention price ranges. And these eco-warriors have you covered.

For those that love a drink

sustainable gift ideas from karma drinks range of ethical sodas
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Karma Drinks

Karma takes sustainability seriously, with their release of “too damn hot” a drink inspired by the 1.5 degrees we have left to save the planet, they’re giving everyone the power to do something about saving the planet this Christmas. They’ve got a selection of organic sodas to replace sugar-filled holiday drinks and lots of eco-friendly projects that you can shake a Christmas cracker at. Why not add some bubbles in someone’s stocking this year? 


skullcrusher coffee with spoon
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Skull Crusher coffee

Who wakes up mega super early on the big day? We do! But we can’t do it without our morning jolt of Skull Crusher, the world’s strongest coffee. If you’re after sustainable gifts for Christmas, Skull Crusher keeps you grounded. Sustainable coffee beans that save the planet is their notion, and with different bags of their famous blend, you’ll find something for every coffee lover. 

For the ones that are always sick

vitamins and minerals
photo credit: swisse.co.uk

Swisse Me

*Cough, splutter*, 2021 has been a rager for the dreaded common cold and cough, but Swisse Me comes to the rescue with their range of wellness gummies, vitamins, and boosters! Derived from plant science and sourced from nature, Swisse Me is the perfect “maybe you should take care of yourself” sustainable Christmas gift for that friend who’s always run down. 

woman sleeping under grey weighted blanket
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Mela comfort

What’s better when you’re a little under the weather than snuggling up with your favourite blanket? For a truly special sustainable Christmas gift why not give your loved one a Mela comfort weighted blanket, as sustainable as they are comfortable, these bad boys are made to last, so you know it’ll be loved year after year. 

sustainable gift ideas nuzest clean lean protein
photo credit: nuzest.com


Everyone knows a gym bunny, and whether your loved one hits the gym at 5 am every morning, or whether they just value excellent nutrition, Nuzest is sure to be a hit with their plant-based, complete amino chain protein powders! Tons of flavours and special concoctions are available, you might even find them adding it to their Christmas dinner. 

For the fashion-forward

koi footwear black ankle boots

Koi Footwear

For the fashion-forward and eco-friendly you won’t get many more brownie points than shopping at Koi footwear. Their vegan leather shoes cover loads of styles ranging from cutesy and fluffy to gothic and hardcore. Everything is cruelty-free and being the ultimate sustainable Christmas gift for fashionistas, they have a planet protector range that saves trees with us right here at One Tribe every time you buy! 

photo credit: trafficpeople.co.uk

Traffic People

Born in the heart of London in Portobello road, Traffic People are perfect for people that love fashion, but for the long-wear, with limited runs, it’s the perfect gift for people that value something that’s a little extra special. Timeless designs meet planet-friendly fabrics to create a beautiful range that’ll be perfect under the tree. 


For the ones that have everything

sustainable gift ideas from panda london cloud duvet
photo credit: pandalondon

Panda London

A good night’s sleep is priceless. Panda London makes the very best in mattresses, toppers, and pillows all with the most planet-friendly fibre in the world, bamboo. But if you’re struggling to get a queen-size mattress down the chimney have no fear! Panda also makes sustainable Christmas gifts like towels, rugs, and convenient bundles (boxes are easier to wrap, we think). So if you’re stuck for sustainable gift ideas this winter, you need to give this bedding a try.

sustainable gift ideas watchgecko watches
photo credit: watchgecko.com

Watch Gecko

Ah the watch, a gift staple around this time of year, and we agree! But Watch Gecko makes this traditional present a little more 2021, with super sustainable materials, and expertly crafted watches meant to last a lifetime. They have something for everyone, including the adventurers in your life that still love to remain stylish. It’s one of our favorite sustainable Christmas gifts!


For the foodies

chocchick cocoa products
photo credit: chocchick.com

Choc Chick

You absolutely can’t have Christmas without chocolate, but as plagued by problems as the chocolate industry is, there are a few shining lights that produce sustainable goodies! Enter Choc Chick – the raw cacao superstar has all your chocolatey needs covered with their ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts. If you are in doubt of what to buy a loved one this year, we don’t think you can go wrong with Choc Chicks range of cacao butters, powders, and nibbles! 

Tonys chocolonely dark chocolate
photo credit: teapigs.com

Tonys Chocolonely

Ethical chocolate stocking fillers? Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to make the chocolate trade fair again. Fighting against modern slavery, they also produce the most delicious chocolate, perfect as a stocking stuffer or secret Santas. From a small brand that is now available in Tesco, it’s a sure-fire way to put a smile on anyone’s face this Christmas. 

For the jet setter

woman wearing pala eyewear glasses

Pala eyewear

Stuck scratching your head over sustainable gift ideas for the friend you see maybe once a year? Pala eyewear is a revolutionary brand that uses recycled and broken glasses to make stunning specs. They use green materials for their chic designs and work with charities to make sure everyone across the world has access to good eye care. Stunning spectacles and sustainability make for a heartfelt sustainable gift this Christmas. 

woman wearing khonboon swimwear
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Sustainable swimwear and activewear brand Khongboon make lowering their carbon footprint as important as making you feel empowered in a bikini. For the jet-setting beach babes in your life, you can’t go wrong with a wicked set for a sustainable Christmas gift. Everything is backed by technology, giving you the best in fitness and style. 


There you have it! Our ultimate list of sustainable gift ideas perfect for Christmas. And that’s just scratching the surface of how you can be eco-friendly this year. Make sure you check out where your products come from so that you know your family and friends are getting the best for them and the planet.

All of the brands here work with us at One Tribe to save trees with every single purchase, protecting areas of the Amazon and other delicate ecosystems from deforestation and habitat loss. We think planet protection is the biggest gift, so keep your halls decked and your emissions low this December. Happy sustainable shopping and Merry Christmas! 

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