Sustainable Baby Brand GrowGrows Partners with One Tribe

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Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

Sustainable baby brand GrowGrows has joined the Tribe as a climate action partner- Helping to save the planet with their organic baby grows!  


At One Tribe, growing is sort of our thing.

We grow awareness, we grow trees by protecting the rainforest, and we grow the future. Which is why we’re pretty excited to be partnering with the grow-iest of them all, sustainable baby clothes business, GrowGrows.

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photo credit: GrowGrows

Who are sustainable baby brand ‘GrowGrows’?

Founders Eddie and John decided they were going to grow the future by providing parents with sustainable baby clothes and sustainable baby products – as well as a more stress-free daily routine. GrowGrows is a small UK business, brave enough to enter the market of sleep-deprived parents AND – now more than ever before – of saving the planet.

Sustainable baby products business GrowGrows founders Eddie and Joe from GrowGrows website
photo credit: GrowGrows

The conception of GrowGrows

Sustainable baby clothes is one thing – but why are a cyber-security guy and a cold-coffee sales guy dabbling in baby clothes at all?

Of course, the GrowGrows seed was planted organically – with Eddie’s introduction to parenthood. The smelly nappies and the sleepless nights were an anticipated, borderline welcomed, aspect of becoming a father.

Changing smelly nappies is an unchangeable ritual in the circle of life. But changing annoying, fiddly, pretentious baby clothes was not something he’d signed up to, and an area in which Eddie believed that society could grow.

And that’s why the cyber-security guy (Eddie) called the cold-coffee salesman (Joe) and proposed that they get this grow on the road.

growgrows sustainable baby clothes
photo credit: GrowGrows

Sustainable Baby GrowGrows – Alive and Kicking!

There were a few more stages before the GrowGrows collection was born – and of course, that involved a Mum or two. In fact, it was way, way more than two – Joe and Eddie were busy asking the experts on what they wanted, liked, swore-about-on-the-regular when it came to baby grows and their new sustainable baby clothes designs.

It turns out?

Everybody has different preferences, so the GrowGrows team decided to do what they could to appease everyone, and that came in the form of three different designs for their baby clothes range. 

  • the Bold Collection – because who says you have to be able to talk to make a statement?

  • the Beautiful Collection – because, in the words of the GrowGrows themselves, who said mud, tears, snot and poop covered clothes, couldn’t be cute?

  • the Bedtime Collection – because these sustainable babies know how to grow more than anyone – and their secret? Pacing themselves!

GrowGrows X One Tribe

Of course, being a member of the Tribe means that all of GrowGrow’s sustainable baby products and sustainable baby clothes are environmentally-friendly in that, with every dollar sold, five trees in the Amazon rainforest are bought and protected.

But GrowGrows don’t stop there with their commitment to being a sustainable baby business – the clothes themselves are as planet-friendly as possible.

Sustainable baby clothes from GrowGrows
photo credit: GrowGrows


It’s not just pandas who love bamboo – we do too! Why? Well, it’s as soft as a baby’s bottom, and feels really nice for the baby when it’s ON their bottom, but when it comes to a list of sustainable materials, it’s nowhere near the bottom! (Had enough of bottoms yet?)

Benefits of Bamboo

  • Trees absorb carbon. But an issue with deforestation for raw materials, and indeed, tree-planting carbon schemes, is the time it takes to replace a full grown tree. Bamboo grows faster than your average tree – managing to get to full size in just 3-4 months, compared to trees which can take over 30 years. Your babies would be having babies by the then… so we vote: the sustainable baby clothes option! Hello bamboo!
  • Bamboo is low-maintenance. It doesn’t need fertiliser and it self-regenerates from its own roots, meaning it doesn’t need to be constantly replanted. In a time of high-maintenance baby people, we are grateful to not concern ourselves with low-maintenance baby bamboo plants!

  • The low-maintenance thing doesn’t stop there. Compared to cotton, bamboo requires less water, pesticides, and labour to produce. It’s like the cactus on the shelf of a university student – clinging to life without even a whiff of attention all year!

  • Bamboo fibres are naturally anti-bacterial. This prevents bacteria and microbes growing on the product it is made into, and avoids the need for additional bleaches and pesticides. In short, the OBVIOUS option for sustainable baby clothes!

  • Sustainable baby clothes can be beneficial to more people than just Mum, Dad and baby. Bamboo production and manufacturing is a traditional industry and creates well-paying, stable jobs for local workers in areas that need social and economic stability. Plus, bamboo farms are easier to manage and maintain compared to the process of deforestation trees for mass production.

GrowGrows, promote the fact that they don’t just talk the talk about ‘sourcing sustainably’ or ‘reducing our environmental impact’, they walk the walk (or, some may argue, crawl the crawl). 


So, it’s not a question of who is the growiest of them all (because GrowGrows would win that every time) but a celebration of how our partnership is helping to grow a better future for the next generation. With their sustainable baby clothes sales and our protection of the rainforest, GrowGrows have already protected over 3,000 trees in a short period of time. Whether you’re a little business or a little person, or a thriving company or parent, little decisions have the power to make a huge impact.

Don’t look back. Let’s keep growing!

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