Success Stories – Brands Taking Climate Action

Dan Wood

Dan Wood

Customers want climate action. That is why we empower brands to give the customers what they want. But will they change their behaviour in the name of sustainability? To prove that the customer is always right, we’re showing you what they’ve left.

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Success stories – Brands taking climate action

Climate action is too often disillusioned by lucid claims like ‘green’ and ‘ethical’ and ‘eco-friendly.’ Which is why, at One Tribe, we’re not describing our success stories with language. You mustn’t take our word for it. Instead, we’re proving our success stories with good, old-fashioned statistics. 

Statistic number one? It’s a biggie, and it’s one we already knew. 92% of customers want to support brands that are taking positive climate action! But we also knew that, although the majority of brands are aware of conscious consumers, businesses can’t exist on goodwill alone.

Brands can be empowered to take positive climate action

Climate action technology can enable brands to take positive climate action with tangible business growth and results.

What are the stats around real success stories? Are that 92% willing to actually change their behaviour?  

Here are a few of our ever-increasing number of success stories, where One Tribe has helped brands achieve specific business growth objectives as well as positive climate action.


Gung Ho - Capturing newsletters whilst connecting the sign up to One Tribe

Success Stories #1 – Newsletter Signups with Gung Ho 

Gung Ho, an independent clothing business that centres each of its garment designs around an important ethical cause, has sustainability and ethical practise weaved through its brand. Gone are the days of responding to a compliment about your outfit with a – “oh this? It was in the sale!” 

And instead of an ‘ oh this? It’s saving the planet.” Gung Ho’s mission is to get people talking about these issues and inspire change. And since protecting the rainforest with every sale, Gung Ho has attracted even more positive attention from customers. 

But don’t take our word for it. The first of our success stories is to do with awareness. Month on month, Gung Ho has seen a 47% increase in newsletter signups. Customers want to support brands that are taking positive climate action. Working with One Tribe to help build a committed customer base.

Nuzest - Able to secure increases in sales conversions

Success Stories #2 – Increase in Sales Conversions with Nuzest

Positive climate action doesn’t mean compromising other business priorities – namely, an increase in sales conversions. When we, at One Tribe, started protecting rainforests we wanted to help end the climate crisis whilst giving brands the opportunity to be able to talk about their connection to the work. What we never expected was for brands to see strong uplifts in sales. 

Nuzest, a B-Corp focusing on vegan, science-backed nutritional supplements and protein powder, has been working with One Tribe to protect the rainforest with every sale. As a result, it has seen a 12.6% increase in sales conversions.

The Refillery are now securing average order value

Success Story #3 – Average Order Value with The Refillery 

So, you might be thinking – but how do we know that these success stories were directly related to the business’ work with One Tribe? What statistics do we have that reflect how these success stories were a direct consequence of becoming a brand that is committed to protecting the rainforest?

As a plastic-free grocery and ethical goods store, with over 1000 products that have been ethically sourced, The Refillery was championing sustainability even before it started working with One Tribe. But Refillery utilised our technology to optimise its eCommerce success and created the offer – spend over £25 and save 25 trees. 

The result? Well, – *spoiler* – it’s one of our success stories!

But to what degree?

The Refillery found a brilliant 34.7% increase in its Average Order Value, from £25.08 to £33.80.

A success story that is 2-fold – For the environment, in that it is protecting more and more trees as the AOV increases. And for its business, because the brand is increasing the sales value of each of its customers.

Walk London are able to secure repeat sales

Success Story #4 – Repeat Sales with Walk London

At One Tribe, a key part of our ethos is longevity. Sustainability is less about immediate improvements and more about long-term change. And our brand’s success stories prove that working with us achieves both.

One Tribe’s longer-term partner are Walk London, the UK-based footwear store. Customers can confidently buy high-quality, fashionable boots and shoes. Since knowing that their purchase will also protect the rainforest, Walk London has seen 3 times more returning customers than the industry average. Most brands are able to get back 20.8% of their customers as repeats whilst One Tribe partners are getting 69.9%. That’s an increase of over 43%! 

Walk London has helped us to prove that not only can they protect the rainforest but also do it whilst attracting new environmentally-conscious consumers, but the success story of Walk London proves how it also improves their loyalty.

Skull Crusher Coffee - Product journeys

Success Story #5 – Bringing it together for the win! 

Skull Crusher Coffee was one of the first brands to buy into the higher-value packages and had a passion for executing everything available to them. They wanted to protect trees with every newsletter sign-up, develop a sustainability page, market the partnership on their social media feed and on their blog. And they took another step – Linking every possible product purchase to One Tribe, with the content placed in their product pages. 

The result – Skull Crusher was one of the quickest contributing brands, protecting over 200,000 trees and processing 40,000 orders in just a few months. The team is very happy with the relationship, having secured great engagement, improved conversions (2.78%) and return customers. 

Big commerce

Ready to write your own success story? 

Our success stories demonstrate that, regardless of sector or story, any brands working with us are in the business of saving the rainforest. Our eCommerce results prove how working with One Tribe has facilitated more newsletter signups, an increase in sales conversions, a higher average order value and more repeat sales – all whilst taking real, positive climate action.

Your team could be one of our success stories. Selling more sustainability to your eco-conscious customers in just 15 minutes. Take climate action through your eCommerce store whenever they shop with you and check out their and others success stories.

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