Strong Coffee Brand Berserker Coffee Joins One Tribe to Protect the Rainforest

strong coffee brand Berserker Coffee
Bronagh Loughlin

Bronagh Loughlin

In the market for super strong coffee? We have you covered as sustainable warriors Berserker Coffee join us in our mission to fight climate change! 


When it comes to saving the rainforest, the right mindset is necessary but some strong coffee always helps!

This is why we are excited to welcome Berserker Coffee into the One Tribe Community. Based in Deutschland, Germany, they provide more than your average cup of coffee. Their coffee is 100% natural, with three times the amount of caffeine as other coffee brands. 

With raving reviews, it has also been renowned as the ‘strongest coffee in the world’. But don’t let that scare you off. The brand has mastered providing strong coffee that sets its customers up for the day without creating a biter, acidic taste. What’s more, they have managed to achieve this while also considering sustainability in each step of the way.  

Continue reading to find out more about Berserker Coffee as we share their mission and how they are making a difference. One cup of at a time…

What Sets Berserker Coffee Apart?

black berserker coffee mug in outdoor setting
photo credit: Berserker Coffee

Berserker is on a mission to provide people with coffee that not only tastes amazing but has the kick in it that you need to take on the day. They have managed to make the coffee strong enough to do exactly that without compromising on the taste. A total win in the eyes of coffee lovers across the globe.

The Taste

Berserker achieve their premium taste by using only the finest and most natural ingredients, namely, their 100% natural Robusta. Robusta is a dark coffee bean that holds an Earthy taste accompanied by notes of nuts and tart chocolate.

Their strong coffee is incredibly high-quality, and customers can use the beans to make all sorts of different energy-boosting drinks. For example, a traditional cup of coffee, a latte, or an espresso if you need a big jolt! 

Head over to their blog, and you’ll also see they recommend using their coffee as a key ingredient in several scrumptious dishes. Their coffee is gentle on the stomach, and they assure an anti-weak guarantee. Gone are the days of buying coffee beans only to find they are too weak, and you must rush out to purchase more. 

Berserker Coffee has two different blends – the Berserker Blend, which is 100% premium Robusta and the Allfather blend, which is a fine blend of 75% Arabica and 25% Robusta. 

The Allfather blend has flavours of chocolate, caramel, and nuts too! With these blends, they offer different coffee products, including whole coffee beans, coffee pods, and drip bags, in addition to a range of coffee accessories like mugs and flasks. 

Berserker Coffee: The Importance of Social & Environmental Sustainability

strong coffee brand berserker coffee
photo credit: Berserker Coffee

There are a number of ways Berserker is implementing social and environmental sustainability measures. For one thing, the business is built on full transparency and honesty and is committed to ensuring only the best ingredients are used in their products for their customers. 

The Beans

They only use organically grown Grade 1 Robusta from carefully chosen plantations to make their strong coffee. Their coffee beans are 100% natural and are free from any harmful additives or chemicals.

The Products

Berserker’s product line also allows people to be more eco-conscious when it comes to their cup of coffee. 

Their drip bags enable customers to bring their coffee with them on the go and have it when they are ready. This means you don’t need to run into the local coffee shop and buy a coffee in another single-use cup, which, let’s face it, does no good for the planet. All you need is to pack your drip bag and one of their stunning mugs or flasks, made locally in Germany. 

The Manufacturing 

Sustainability at Berserker Coffee doesn’t stop there; they pack their strongest coffee in their eco-friendly coffee pods, which are made from wood fibers! Their coffee pods are free from any flavour enhancers, aluminium, and microplastics. Instead, they are crafted from wood fibers as a result of sustainable forestry.

That’s right; you can have a delicious coffee without sacrificing the planet or exploiting nature when you buy from Berserker Coffee! What’s more, the pods are compatible with the Nespresso system, so you don’t have to buy a whole new machine.

The Ultimate Sustainable Coffee Brand

sustainable strong coffee brand berserker coffee

Berserker is already making a difference to the planet, one cup at a time. By working to limit waste and ensuring its products are completely natural they have become one of the most sustainable coffee brands on the market.

Another environmentally-conscious action the brand is taking is partnering with us at One Tribe. We couldn’t be more delighted to welcome them as a partner, given their impressive efforts thus far.

When a customer purchases strong coffee from Berserker, a portion of the proceeds will go to rainforest projects to protect the rainforests. Not only that, but this will ensure carbon is stored and also remove car emissions and save acres! Customers can purchase their strong coffee while simultaneously helping to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it.  A win win situation! 

Currently, One Tribe partners have made a significant impact, and now, customers can purchase a conscious cup of coffee that tastes delicious and brings about positive change. We are excited to partner with Berserker, who is placing people and the planet at the heart of what they do.


Drinks and food businesses can do much more than simply switch out for biodegradable cups.

Strong coffee brand Berserker Coffee are paving the way in sustainability. Demonstrating to other drinks brands that change is indeed possible!

While smalls steps are important steps, we also must protect the lungs of our planet- the rainforest – as it continues to decline at a rapid rate. One way to ensure this is by joining the One Tribe community.

Follow Berserker’s lead and join us today!

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