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Billie Gold

Billie Gold

Panda London Mattresses

Panda London is an eco mattress and bedding brand growing faster than bamboo. Incidentally, bamboo is what their luxury products are made from! 

On a mission of providing the most sumptuous living experience that doesn’t cost the Earth, Panda searched far and wide to find the best materials, at the lowest price to the Planet, and they found it in fast-growing, sustainable bamboo.

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image of fast growing bamboo for Panda mattresses

Bamboo, the plant rivalling Egyptian cotton for sustainability and that luxury feel

How does a super tough plant end up as the best night sleep you’ve ever had? Let us hit you with some bamboo insider intel.

If you’ve ever splurged and got yourself a new bed situation you’ve likely looked for Egyptian cotton, and you would have good reason to, it’s often marketed as the world’s leading luxury material for bedding and comes with a hefty price tag for the privilege, but Panda have discovered that the closest thing to sleeping on a cloud is in fact bamboo. 

The special thing about bamboo is that it’s a naturally super strong plant, with exceptionally strong fibres that when spun into fabric, get softer with every use.

It’s kind of a magic wand fabric that does everything that other fabrics can’t. Panda discovered that bamboo fabric is not only ridiculously soft, it’s also hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking (no more sweaty nights for you), temperature regulating and needs about as much care as your favourite t-shirt in the wash, pretty cool huh?

Panda branded mattress

How sustainable is bamboo?

Here’s the thing about most mattress brands, it’s an ecological disaster zone. The UK threw away 7 million mattresses in 2017,  most of which went straight to landfill. The lucky ones that do get recycled (all 19% of them) are notoriously difficult because of their springs. 

Strangely enough, when mattresses do get sent to landfill, there are even bigger problems. Not only are they bulky items that take up masses of room, often being piled on top of each other, they also create weird mattress sinkholes due to the combined products in them, making it almost impossible to biodegrade. 

Panda has the answer

Thankfully, brands like Panda have the answer. A mattress is something that everyone needs, but we can all make responsible buying choices that include sustainable mattresses that last a long time and don’t take hundreds of years to return to the earth. 

Bamboo is a superhero fabric when responsibly sourced. It grows up to three feet per day (check out the cool timelapse below!) which makes it the fastest growing plant on Earth. 

It also pumps out 30% more Oxygen than hardwood trees! It’s an extraordinarily sustainable crop, needing only about a third of the amount of water that cotton crops need. Most fabrics are produced in water-deprived countries, so choosing bamboo as a sustainable fabric not only protects the planet but also the people living on it.

Protecting the animals with sustainable forests

Making luxury eco-friendly mattresses isn’t all Panda do, they are wholly committed to protecting wildlife and keeping animal habitats pesticide-free! All of their bamboo is organic, which means no nasty toxins leaking into the environment.

They are certified by the FSC to making sure that local habitats are undisturbed and protected, every forest Panda grows their bamboo in is monitored, who says luxury has to come at a price to the environment? 

Tons of water is used in the manufacturing of mattresses, not so with Panda!

They operate with a closed-loop system which means that the water that they use to make the bamboo pulp all squishy to make the fibres to make you a beautiful mattress is reused in agriculture irrigation, the same with their dying process. Not a drop of water or product is wasted ensuring that sustainability is the forefront for this eco sleep brand.

image of a sustainable bamboo forest

Small carbon footprints make a big differenc

As it stands air shipping results in 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions, that’s a good chunk of change for the climate. Keeping shipping out of the air and on the sea reduces carbon emissions to a whopping tenth of what they would be.

Panda have a “no plane policy”, keeping planet impact to a minimum! 95% of their couriers are carbon neutral too, using renewable energy in their sorting hubs and moving towards 100% electric fleets. 

Not one to forget the small stuff, the packaging that Panda uses isn’t only completely plastic free, it’s totally biodegradable too.

How many times have you bought a mattress only to tear through layers and layers of thick non recyclable plastic? With these guys you’ll receive a biodegradable and compostable box that contains your mattress, when it gets recycled, there’s not even a tiny trace of toxins left in the soil.

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A sustainable way to recycle mattresses 

Of course, the big problem with bulky items like mattresses is their recyclability. The only real way to make sure a mattress isn’t languishing in a landfill is to use sustainable brands that have a program already in place for just that reason. 

Panda makes quality products that will be with you for a long time, but like everything, we have to plan for when that time is over. That’s why they created the circle of life scheme! Once your mattress has had its last sleepover, Panda will come and pick it up from your home free of charge, and it’ll either be reused for things like playground matting and cushions, or it’ll find a new owner once it’s cleaned up and donated to charity. Ahhh the circle of life.  

These hard-working eco-warriors are committed to climate action. That’s why whenever one of their customers signs up for Panda’s newsletter, they can save 5 trees in the Amazon rainforest, with One Tribe! As of right now, they’ve saved over 325,000 trees.

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