Introducing One Tribe’s Latest Product Feature: Protect Trees In Bulk

one tribe new product feature protect trees in bulk with tree booster function
Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

Check out One Tribe’s latest product feature: The Tree Booster.

This latest feature will now cater to members in need of purchasing bulk quantities of trees for select campaigns or set up a fixed monthly value.

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Environmental concerns are often at the forefront of business discussions and activities.

If you’re the one tasked with managing the environmental footprint of your business, you’ll find yourself seeking the best ways to contribute to the planet’s well-being without leaving a gaping hole in your business’s wallet.

That’s why One Tribe have developed their latest product feature, The Tree Booster to help businesses easily manage their environmental operations by cost effectively protecting trees as a one-off purchase or monthly payment.

Introducing One Tribe’s Latest Product Feature:
Protect Trees In Bulk

one tribe tree booster tool in app

One Tribe assists businesses with finding a quick solution that empowers brands to make a significant environmental impact: without incurring high costs with its latest product feature: the One Tribe Tree Booster Tool. 

Using this innovative tool, customers can now buy trees as a one-off purchase and set up the costs as a monthly payment or bulk order, making it easier than ever to protect and contribute to protecting the environment.

The One Tribe Tree Booster Tool offers a simple yet powerful way for brands to contribute to verified conservation efforts. By utilising this tool, business leaders can choose from 100 – 30,000 trees to purchase, depending on their specific needs.

The sliding feature allows for seamless customisation, enabling brands to determine the exact number of trees they want to protect and invest in.

Cost Effective Climate Action

One of the notable advantages of this new feature is the automatic calculation of costs per number of trees protected.

As team members slide to select the desired quantity of trees, the tool dynamically calculates the cost involved, making it effortless for companies to manage their budget. This transparency and real-time cost assessment provides businesses with full control over their investment, ensuring that protecting trees remains accessible and financially viable.

protect trees with one tribe in bulk using the tree booster tool

This feature proves especially valuable for businesses launching campaigns that require specific environmental objectives. Many companies engage in purpose-driven initiatives that require monitoring and control over the number of trees protected in order to share and report this data both internally and externally. One Tribe’s Tree Booster Tool simplifies this process by enabling companies to define the exact quantity of trees they wish to safeguard for a particular purpose. Whether it’s a limited-time campaign or a long-term commitment, this tool empowers brands to align their tree protection efforts with their specific campaign goals.

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The One Tribe Tree Booster Tool caters to a diverse range of customers and clients. New businesses seeking to enhance their environmental impact can easily add more trees to their counter, expanding their positive impact on the environment quickly. Small brands and start-ups without a high or consistent volume of sales, can still make a substantial contribution by purchasing trees in bulk and showcasing their environmental efforts. The Tree Booster Tool allows any sized business to have a large-scale impact on conservation, regardless of their size or financial capacity.

Additionally, brands offering special offers or running promotional campaigns can now tailor the number of trees they protect to their campaign needs. This flexibility ensures that their environmental initiatives are directly aligned with their marketing objectives, enhancing their brand’s reputation while making a significant contribution to the planet.

tree booster payment successful

One Tribe’s commitment to its clients and environmental conservation has led to the development of this innovative feature. By enabling brands to purchase trees in bulk through the One Tribe Tree Booster Tool, the organisation is fostering a community of environmentally-conscious businesses that are actively supporting nature-based solutions on a large scale.

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In conclusion, One Tribe’s latest product feature, the One Tribe Tree Booster Tool, revolutionises the way brands protect trees. With its easy to use sliding function, automatic cost calculation, and tailored purchasing options, this tool empowers businesses of all sizes to make a tangible difference in the fight against deforestation. By harnessing this feature, brands can align their environmental efforts with their specific campaigns, ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. Join One Tribe today and be part of the movement to protect trees in bulk.

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