One Tribe Partners With WeTransfer To Launch Climate Action Campaign For COP27

Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

In preparation for North Africa’s COP27 event hosted in Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh, One Tribe has partnered with WeTransfer to amplify the voices of African communities tackling climate change. The teams are launching a climate action campaign representing African communities at the forefront of the climate crisis.

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One Tribe x WeTransfer

WeTransfer is an online platform designed to allow businesses and individuals to transfer large files across networks around the world. WeTransfer streamlines the workflow process for more than 87 million creative professionals in 190 countries. As a certified B Corporation™ since 2020, WeTransfer has long been a champion of using business as a force for good. Since the company’s inception, WeTransfer has donated 30% of its advertising inventory to artists and social causes to promote ideas that can help influence change. WeTransfer has become particularly well known within the creative space, utilising digital wallpapers to share impactful images, messages and stories from artists, creatives and causes they feel are important to share and support.

A Partnership To Amplify African Voices

As part of WeTransfer’s commitment to supporting climate action and raising awareness of important causes, a full three weeks of advertising space on their document transfer wallpaper was dedicated to elevating African voices on the front lines of climate change during COP27 and throughout November 2022.

Having supported ESG conservation projects in Africa for over 5 years, One Tribe will be partnering with WeTransfer to help showcase African conservation experts, sustainable farming cooperatives, and organisations facing and taking action against the impact of climate change.

The partnership between WeTransfer and One Tribe aims to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on people in Africa, particularly with COP27’s event being hosted within the continent for the fifth time.

Editor’s Note:

Check out the full campaign One Tribe created with WeTransfer by clicking the ‘Visit Page’ button below.

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